“It is time that hard decisions are taken, and the historical mistake known as the Durand Line is set right.”

Durand-Line-615x300@2xEDITORIAL: Afghanistan is a historically blended country, at the crossroads of multiple people and culture, from the Silk Road to the Soviet invasion. Diverse due to its history, this landlocked country has beautiful cities and mountains, full of historic monuments of cultural importance. Every single sight in the country is mesmerizing; it surely would give to one the unforgettable memories and every city have its own historical, cultural, religious places to be visited. There is no single doubt that Afghanistan is very much beautiful country, but territorially it is not complete. We are not complete in our geography. It means we want to be completed at any cost. Afghanistan wants to regain its historical land and people which is divided by the Durand Line, and we are not alone in our legal rights. The Durand Line was established in 1893 between Sir Mortimer Durand, a British diplomat and civil servant of the British Raj, and Abdur Rahman Khan, the Afghan Amir, to fix the limit of their respective spheres of influence in order to improve their diplomatic relations and trade. Afghanistan was considered by the British as an independent princely state at the time. So this was happened between British India and Afghanistan at a time when Pakistan was not existed on the world map. The Afghans would continue struggle to restore their land back, and we are not alone in this race. A top European Parliamentarian, said “it is time that hard decisions are taken, and the historical mistake known as the Durand Line is set right.” Describing the Afghan-Pakistan region as the breeding ground for international terrorism, European Parliament (EP) Vice President Ryszard Czarnecki, has said there is a need for the European Union and the United States to review their respective Afghan policy to foster long-term peace in the region, rather than pouring millions of Euros in aid to Afghanistan, and trying to win a war that cannot be won. Czarnecki warned that Pakistan will continue to interfere and destabilize areas across the Durand Line, with the objective of retaining control over it as it borders Afghanistan. He suggested that there is an immediate need for the west to take a hard look at this artificial border, and restore the natural and historical frontier between these two countries for the sake of peace in the region. Now we have more voices, favoring Afghan side to retake our land back. It is time for Islamabad to accept the truth and historical evidences regarding the unauthorized border and handed over our lands aimed at completing Afghanistan. Pakistan has always been remained committed to support militants with an objective to weaken the Afghan government in order to forget the de-facto Line. But it is imperative for Pakistan to understand that it is a line, not a border. At the present our voices are stronger than ever as European countries are trying to fix the uncertainty, and correct the historical mistake, which the Afghan masses would be truly indebted to them. Same is the case with Pashtun and Baloch-dominated areas across the Durand Line who raises sound voices against the Pakistani occupation. At the same time it is a great slap in the face of those inner elements that are recognizing the Durand Line as an official borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Surely, Afghanistan is a beautiful country and would be beautifier much more once completed geographically. One thing more which is worth to be mentioned that Afghan masses would not turn blind eyes over the issue and spare no efforts to have their lands back even at the cost of their lives. Since the Afghan people are peace lovers, it would be great to solve the issue through diplomatic channels. The international community in general, but the United States in particular must strengthen shoulders of Afghanistan in taking its lands back which is necessary for durable peace and stability in the region.

By Kadwall, Kabul

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  1. Reza Khan Yousufzai

    There is a terrorist entity that is ruled from Rawalpindi and that has been using the prestine
    Islamic religion, distort,raped and spoiled it with their false fascism that has been manufactured in
    Rishwabad,falsely calling itself “Islamabad ” to deceive the Pashtun that it is the representation of
    Islam.It even goes as far as altering the Kalimah Toyyiba by their false kalima “Pakistan kiya mtlab ye ?
    la ilia ha illah ie. This is the propaganda nad the Fascism of a Punjabi state ,masqueriding as an Islamic
    state.They have done nothing but distrort and rape the holy religion of Islam for Punjabi Fascism and thuggery.Our Bengali brothers had seen this fascist Punjabi Apartheid state,when 400 000 of Bengali women were raped by this Punjabi Fascist state and now the Baluch are witnessing the same .Unfortunately the Pashtun of Pakistan have been completely braiwahsed by this dirty and rogue Punjabi
    Terrorist state and its terrorist supporting Punjabi generals and army. They need to be hauled in front of the International Criminal Court for the millions they have massacred and ethnocide and genocide of Bengali,Pashtun and Baluch and other Afghans.

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