India to build centre for WTO in Kabul

WTOKABUL: The spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI), Musafir Qoqandi has said that Indian government has promised to provide technical assistance to build a research and training center for the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Kabul.

The center would provide valuable training to the concerned people on rules and regulations of the WTO.

According to Qoqandi, the draft for the institute was drafted six months ago and during the recent meeting with Indian authorities, they pledged to help establish the center.

“We have commercial high schools, but since we have become a member of the WTO, it is important to have the center, aimed at getting knowledge and required information about research on trade and investment, he added.

Moreover, a number of economic analysts have said that in the light of the on going situations, the center remains crucial for capacity building in the relevant field.

Samim Sarim, an economic analyst quoted by TOLO News, saying as, “Our membership to the WTO was a strategic mistake for the country’s economy. We should not have joined the organization. But now that we have joined the WTO, so we should use every opportunity available in order to benefit from the membership.”

Afghanistan received membership of WTO at the 10th Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, Kenya in December 17, 2015. Afghanistan is 164th in the World and 36th among the less-developed countries that have received the membership of the organization. Receiving WTO membership is a long process. Afghanistan was admitted after 11 years of negotiations. Being a member of WTO, there are some expectations that it might impact newly emerged industries in the country.



  1. Reza Khan Yousufzai

    Joining WTO was the biggest mistake for afghanistan and Pashtunkhwa. The Pashtun have always been
    a independent people,who traded as they needed. Afghanistan has been made dependent by the cuurrent American and indternational presence there India has done well by helping where it can,but too
    much dependence of this current Afghan government on India is unhealthyWhen ever a tajik minister open his mouth it is india this and india that Afghanistan must interact positively with the world in trade, science, people to peaople,academic etc ,but it must not put all its eggs in one basket,namely US and India or China or Pakistan. Afghanistan must develop a mature relationship with all friendly and non terrorist countries
    afghanistan should get away from Napakistan,the arch supporter,financier and hidder of terrorism in lahore , Rawalpindi the punjabi crooked establshment of napakistan who are the epic centre of terrorism. this Persian dominated governmet of Ashraf Ghani and abdulla is desperately failing the Pashtun majority and Afghanistan as a whole

  2. It appears that Mr Reza Khan do not have any idea of WTO membership. This membership throws many opportunities for Afghan Industry allowing access to world markets in general. Without this, Afghanistan has to negotiate bilateral agreements with each country in the world which is practically impossible. At the same time, with the trade links, Afghanistan industry also will learn and become competitive.
    With regard to India’s help in the infrasturcture , education and health sectors , India extends this help as a good will gesture due to the historical links it had with Afhganistan. In general, Pathans are respected and viewed as a part of Indian culture. If you see old Indian films, you will find many pathans in the social life of India. Hence all the help India is doing is a good will gesture.

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