Ghani warns to close transit route for Pakistan to Central Asia

ashraf-ghani-warns-pakistanKABUL: The Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has warned to close transit route for Pakistan to Central Asian countries as the Wagah port has been closed for the Afghan traders for import and export.

President Ghani made the remarks during a meeting with the UK’s special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Owen Jenkins in Kabul.

He said Afghanistan is no more a landlocked country as several other options and transit routes are available for Afghanistan for the import and export of commodities of the Afghan traders.

President Ghani further added that Pakistan usually closes transit routes during the fruits season which incurs millions in dollars loses to the Afghan traders.

According to President, India has agreed to exempt Afghanistan from financial tariff for the export of fruits to the country.

In other parts of remarks during the meeting, President Ghani focused on Afghan peace talks, fight against terrorism, and the issue of the Afghan refugees repatriation from Pakistan.

Jenkins said the situation and environment in Pakistan suggest that the return of Afghan refugees may expedite and more refugees may return during the current and next year to Afghanistan.

President Ghani said the Afghan refugees are tired of pressures and the ongoing situation in Pakistan as they are willing to repatriate to Afghanistan, emphasizing that the Afghan refugees have invested millions in the country and the government is committed to support them to shift their investments to Afghanistan.

He urged the international community to support Afghanistan in this process as the Afghan government has taken necessary steps to assist the returnees. -KP



  1. Welcome, do your trade through Iran.

  2. I as an Afghan support what Mr President is currently doing and he has got very good strategy against Pakistan. Pakistan is a country that is not only threat to Afghanistan and region but, great threat to world as well. They have been providing sanctuaries for terrorists which is clear-cut for each and every person.

  3. Yes. Trade Through Iran China Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan and India. Through anybody who don’t kill us in the name of Isslaam and gain material benefits for themselves.

  4. After failing to attain strategic depth by killing so many Pashtun/Afghans they want to strangulate us economically. The more we have connectivity the greater is their frustation.

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