Daesh smuggles Afghanistan’s timber to Pakistan, Report


A report published by the Voice of America (VOA) reveals that the loyalists of the Islamic State (IS) who have named Afghanistan and Pakistan region as the province of Khorasan are involved in timber smuggling.

Local officials and tribal elders in the eastern region of the country have told VOA that the terrorist group has imported tree-cutting machines to their areas.

Armed men associating themselves with IS-Khorasan or Daesh have been seen in Achin, Naziyan and Dehbala districts of eastern Nangarhar province cutting trees with the imported machines for smuggling to Pakistan.

Local residents have been cited by VOA as saying that timber-loaded trucks are sent to Pakistan daily. Some of the timber is sold in local markets in Afghanistan.

“Smuggling takes place … in areas alongside the Durand Line,” Malak Hashem, a tribal elder in Naziyan, told VOA, referring to the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Tribal leaders say the Afghan government is turning a blind eye to the smuggling.

“The government has done nothing in this regard,” Malak Afsar, a tribal elder in Achin, told VOA. He added that timber is transported to market by locals who work as middlemen for IS.

A spokesman for the provincial government said the cutting of trees has not been raised with local government.

However, the acting director of Nangarhar’s agriculture directorate said he has heard the reports, but says the tree cutting continues only in one district.

“Dehbala is the only district where the tree cutting is still going on, and we are communicating with local elders in the district to stop it,” said the director, who goes by the name Engineer Shakir. -Agencies

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  1. Reza Khan Yousufzai

    This present Afghan government unfortunately behaves like an ostrich and does not address the security and economic concerns of its citizens,especially in the South and outside Kabul. Mr Ghani started off very well,but unfortunately he is beholden to Northern Warlords and forgetting the rest of the country and its real security. Much disaster could have been averted if he and his American backers were more astute in confronting terror. America is totally useless as it is not forthcoming in building the Afghan air force but equip it with useless aircraft that is not even fit for combat in World War 1 in 1914.

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