No lasting actions taken by Pakistani military against Haqqani network: Gen. Votel


The commander of the United States Central Command General Joseph L. Votel has said the Pakistani military and security services have not taken lasting actions against the notorious Haqqani terrorist network inside its soil so far. In his statement before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Gen. Votel said “Pakistan remains a critical partner in the counter-terrorism fight. Twenty U.S-designated terrorist ...

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The Afghan Challenge for President Trump


The longest and the pricey war in Afghanistan was almost nonexistent in the election narrative of the recently concluded cacophonous presidential campaign in the United States. A war that drained the US exchequer by 600 billion and witnessed the death of 2247 US military personnel, along with 20000 more wounded. The costly and bloody war in Afghanistan may have failed ...

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Calexit: The move for Californian Independence Campaign from the U.S.


US: You heard it time and time again during the presidential election season: If Donald Trump wins, people will move out of the country. Now, it looks like a whole state might up and create a new country. On Thursday, California’s secretary of state gave the go-ahead to Yes California Independence Campaign to begin the process of collecting signatures necessary ...

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Trump suspends US refugee program, entry from seven Muslim countries


US President Donald Trump signed a sweeping new executive order Friday to suspend refugee arrivals and impose tough new controls on travellers from seven Muslim countries. Making good on one of his most controversial campaign promises, and to the horror of human rights groups, Trump said he was making America safe from “radical Islamic terrorists”. “This is big stuff,” he ...

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US awards $9.3 million contract in support of Afghan Air Force


The United States has awarded a contract worth $9.3 million support of the Afghan Air Force, the US Department of Defense (DoD) said. “AAI Corp., doing business as Textron Systems, Hunt Valley, Maryland, has been awarded a $9,352,070 predominantly firm-fixed-price contract for contractor logistics support and maintenance training services,” according to a press release by DoD. The statement further adds ...

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US would consider more troops for Afghanistan, Trump told Ghani


KABUL: The United States would consider sending more troops to Afghanistan in a bid to prevent further deterioration of the security of the country. The commitment was reportedly made during a telephone conversation between President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Donald Trump in December last year when he was the president-elect of the United States. Afghan officials privy of the development ...

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Taliban’s open letter to Trump call for an end to Afghan war


KABUL: The Taliban militants group has issued an open letter to the US President Donald Trump, urging the new US leader to end the ongoing war in Afghanistan. The group which is accused of incurring the most casualties to the civilians admits in its letter that the 15 year war has caused human and material losses to both sides. Taliban ...

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1,500 US soldiers to be deployed to Afghanistan


KABUL: The United States will deploy at least 1,500 soldiers from the Ready First Brigade to Afghanistan, it has been reported. The soldiers will serve for a period of 9 months as part of the advise, assist, and train mission to help the Afghan army and police. With 300 already deployed to Afghanistan, the deployment of the remaining soldiers will ...

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Taliban warns Trump to change Afghan policy


KABUL: The Taliban group has asked the new US President Donald Trump and his cabinet members not to follow the policy of previous US leaders. “Afghanistan is burning due to wrong policies of previous US officials and their occupations,” the group said Sunday in a statement. “If Trump doesn’t revise US policy regarding Afghanistan and follow the old policy of ...

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Trump sworn in as 45th US president, vows to eradicate ‘radical Islamic terrorism’

President Donald Trump (L) speaks at inauguration ceremonies swearing him in as the 45th president of the United States on the West front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., January 20, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, Friday vowed to “unite the world” against radical Islamic terrorism and said the US would not impose its way of life on others. “We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world, but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations ...

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