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The Last Chapter

Dr. Khurshid Alam

The demography plays an important role in the stability, peace, progress and smooth running of a country and the foreign and domestic policy is grossly rest on demography, strategic location. Watan (Motherland) and country are inherently different words. Countries are made by people and disintegrated by people. Watan (Motherland) is a more natural entity, owned by a race or inheritance ...

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Narratives, counter narratives and social media

Dr. Khadim Hussain

Of late, there has been considerable amount of discussion in various circles of Pakistan on the need of counter extremist narratives for all good reasons. Appreciating the good intentions of all those involved in the process, one would like to underpin essentials for success of such a process. We need to raise and address some fundamental questions. What constitutes a ...

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The Central Asian front

Afrasiab Khan Khattak

“The pledging of oath of allegiance by Aiman-ul-Zwahiri, the head of Al-Qaida, to Haibatullah Akhunzada, the new leader of Taliban removes every doubt about the international character of the Taliban terrorist threat.” Central Asia doesn’t receive full attention in discussions about the regional impact of apparently unending conflagration in Afghanistan, despite the fact that three out of the six immediate ...

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The People of Israel – Pashtuns and Jews


In an article that was published in The Pashtun Times and in Israel Rising, I explained why I don’t just believe, but I know for sure that the Pashtuns and the Jews are actually two parts of the same nation – the People of Israel, and why I think it is completely irrational to think otherwise.Following this article, we were ...

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