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Inspire and Burn in Hell- Brzezinski!

ډاکټر فرحت تاج

Zbigniew Brzezinski was a well known American-Polish scholar of International Relations and a former American National Security Advisor who served during the Carter administration (1977-1981). He profoundly influenced US policy in dealing with tumultuous world events during the late 1970s, such as the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (1979) and the Islamic Revolution in Iran (1979). The US policy along with ...

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Time to revisit the Durand Line


Photo: Gettyimages BY RYSZARD CZARNECKI, VICE PRESIDENT, EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT: Relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan have deteriorated sharply over the last few years, as also evident in the increase in exchange of fire between security forces of the two countries, along the Af-Pak border. The last such incident took place on May 7 at the Chaman border in Balochistan, when firing by ...

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“The Autobiography of Bacha Khan: Some Observations”


While reading the autobiography of Bacha Khan Baba, one could argue that little has changed concerning the plight of Pashtun people, particularly the people of the FATA, since the time of British Colonial rule. In fact it seems as though one set of colonisers has been merely exchanged for another.   Bacha Khan discusses that in 1901, the British introduced ...

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The untold story of a dissent; Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai

The tale of independence and partition of India has been trumpeted and touted by different narrators. It is up to the story-teller who makes it reflect each time in a divergent version. When we turn over leafs of the text books– which are drilled into schooling-minds at school and colleges levels – plethora of questions bubble up out of the ...

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Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Has Failed, Resulting in Regional Isolation

Mona Aurangzeb

Pakistan’s regional isolation can’t be in its long-term national self-interest A sovereign state’s foreign policy changes with the times, according to its domestic needs and changes in global politics around it. Nations have interests and there are no permanent enemies and friendships in international politics. A neighboring state can be a boon or a bane, depending on one’s ability to ...

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Sexual Harassment in NGO Sector of Pakistan: A Brief Story of Ghazala Naaz

Dr. Sahar Khattak05

Often a complaint can create even more problems for the woman being harassed Data on the number of women affected by harassment is hard to come by since there is no law under which cases can be registered; this means estimates are anecdotal at best. One of my friends, Mahnoor Khan from Karachi, worked at a Communities Base for NGO ...

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Pashtun Students Platform in Hong Kong


HONG KONG (THE PASHTUN TIMES): Pashtun students, studying in various universities of Hong Kong, seek a platform to address multifaceted problems that Pashtun students encounter in the pursuit of higher education. Arif Ali Khan, a PhD Scholar at City University Hong Kong, said that Pashtun students, for the first time ever, organized a get together in Hong Kong with a ...

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