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Fencing the Durand Line is no different than creating the Wall of Berlin: Hussain Haqqani 

Hussain Haqqani - Former Ambassador of Pakistan to US
Photo: The Pashtun Times

“The Pashtuns of Pakistan and the Pashtuns of Afghanistan have not only ethnic kinship, but also historical bond, and to pursue the policy of erecting a wall along the Durand Line wouldn’t be any different than the “Wall of Berlin”, which was created in Germany, says Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States, Hussain Haqani. The Pashtun Times conducted an ...

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The rise of clerics as the new class in Pashtun society

Asmat Shahjahan

In the contemporary era of War on Terror, one often hears the words Mullah/Taliban and Pashtun carelessly associated with each other in Pakistan, as if there is some synonymity between the two. More often than not, such associations are intended to place the entire burden of the rise of religious extremism on Pakhtun society while absolving more powerful actors of ...

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Contemporary neo-ethnic fusion: Pashtun music reinterpreted: Interview with Khumaryaan by Angelina Merisi

Khumariyaan: Interview with Sparlay Rawail, the lead guitarist with the band - Khumariyaan: By Angelia Merisi

Khumariyaan: Interview with Sparlay Rawail This interview was carried out on the 30th May 2017, between this author (Angelina Merisi) and Sparlay Rawail, the lead guitarist with the band – Khumariyaan. The following is a transcript of that conversation. Merisi: Hello and thank you very much for taking the time from your busy schedule to carry out this interview. Sparlay: ...

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Women at top: Gender diversity in the C-suite

Fazaila Shad

Women rule in Muslim countries is a unique and refreshing idea. If we look back in history, we find the Razia Sultana, Benazir Bhutto, Khalida Zia and others who have managed to walk the corridors of power with pride. In Pakistan, the second most populous Muslim-majority country, Benazir Bhutto was elected twice as the prime minister of the country. But ...

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Bacha Khan’s Movement of Social Reform and Non-Violence: A Reappraisal

Bacha Khan03

In 1929 when British Colonial power had reached its zenith on the Indian sub-continent, a movement which advocated egalitarian social reform, unity and non-violent political action began in what was then known as the North West Frontier Province (NWFP). The Khudai Khidmatgar (KK) movement, meaning ‘Servants of God,’ was established under the charismatic leadership of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (aka: ...

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Terrorism is a Mindset


Remember that getting rid of the responsibility by saying they do not belong to us is not a solution to save oneself. Would you have accepted a same reaction and logic of terrorism if people of another faith carry on the same thing? Terrorism. Extremism. Fundamentalism. Violence. Killing innocents. What exactly do we talk; or justify about? Is it the ...

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Afghan Refugees in Pakistan: Scapegoats for the Pakistani State

Afghan refugees (2)

The relation between the Islamic States of Afghanistan and Pakistan is a complicated love affair.  In public, both countries claim being brothers sharing various cultural, linguistic and historic relations; in private, however, their policy makers may do whatever evil fits their purpose for their so called “strategic interests”.  And when relations soar, Pakistan is quick to point fingers to the ...

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