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The Tip of an Iceberg: Wali Khan in Pakistani Politics

wali Khan01

We do want provincial autonomy but with historical sanctity: Late Wali Khan In my previous article, my experiment with Communists and Islamist,  I mentioned, it was Late Ajmal Khattak, who introduced me to the heart ache of national identity. Abdul Wali Khan; was the one who armed me with knowledge, analytic thinking and logical approach. It was expensive jewelry, for my ...

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Will peace ever return to Afghanistan?

Kabul 02

There is no “Quick fix” to the problem. The scenario is too crowded. The atmosphere is too foggy and dark. It is difficult to know for sure who is who? To differentiate between friend and foe is too difficult because of low visibility Afghanistan was put on fire; it is still in flames for the last four decades; giving warmth ...

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The Role of Pakistan and India in Regional and Global Peace

Dr. Khurshi Alam 3

“The world order has never been so unstable as it is now.  No-one is safe, be it Western established democracies or autocratic regimes. One could never imagine the strikes in the heart of Paris, Brussels, London, Spain or the parliament of India in the era of cold war. It looks as if, with the fall of Berlin Wall and the disintegration of USSR the whole world ...

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Angela Merkel’s stand on refugees is a godly act


Editorial: While commentators and journalists across Europe try to prove hey wrong by the farthest possible count, Angela Merkel’s stance on Syrian refugees shines as a new beacon of hope for mankind’s shared future. The bold stance pointed to the world a number of universal realities which would’ve gone down the drain of history without notice.  Her policies showed that ...

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