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Afrasiab Khan Khattak: Writer

Afrasiab Khan Khattak

Afrasiab Khan Khattak is a regular contributor to THE PASHTUN TIMES. He is a retired senator and a leader of Awami National Party (ANP). He tweets    @a_siab  THE PASHTUN TIMES

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Aimal Khan Khattak: Writer (Urdu)

ایمل خٹک

Aimal Khattak is a senior journalist, writer and a commentator with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He is mainly covering topics related to socio-political, peace and conflicts. Mr. Khattak is a prolific writer on regional issues especially Afghan Affairs and Pakistani politics. He can be reached at THE PASHTUN TIMES

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Wagma Feroz: Editor

Ms Wagma Feroz

Wagma Feroz is working as an editor with THE PASHTUN TIMES. She is a Human Rights and peace activist of Pashtun origin – Mohmand Agency of FATA. Having gained a Master’s in Psychology from Peshawar University is currently working as a Psycho-social Counselor at the University of Swat. She is also a fellow of the Baacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation. ...

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Noor Badshah Yusafzai: Pashto Editor (Removed due to misconducts)

Noor Badshah sb

DECLARATION: Noor Badshah Yusafzai Pashto Editor has been removed from The Pashtun Times News Network due to his misconducts and base-less allegations on senior journalist Rahim Ullah Yousafzai. He has also spread news about being attacked and requested The Pashtun Times to publish the news, but it was rejected due to having less authenticity. The Pashtun Times is wishing him ...

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Gohar Wazir: Correspondent

Gohar Wazir 01

Gohar Wazir is a correspondent with THE PASHTUN TIMS THE PASHTUN TIMES

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Wasim Baghi: Correspondent

Wasim Baghi

Wasim Baghi: Correspndent with the Pashtun Times THE PASHTUN TIMES

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Professor Dr. Khadim Hussain: Columnist and Commentator

Dr. Khadim Hussain

Professor Dr. Khadim Hussain is a columnist and commentator with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He is also working as Managing Director Baacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation (BKTEF) Peshawar, Pakistan. Dr. Khadim Hussain has worked as permanent faculty for Linguistics and Communication at Bahria University Islamabad, Pakistan, from 2004 to 2010. He has also taught at the department of Linguistics Qauid-e-Azam University ...

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Dr. Khurshid Alam: Columnist

unnamed (1)

Dr. Khurshid Alam is a columnist with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He belongs to Lelowni, Shangla (KhyberPakhtunkhwa). He got his basic education in Swat and did his MBBS from Dow Medical College Karachi. It was in Karachi when he saw the attitude of other nations that he started Pashtun nationalist politics. He was impressed by Ajmal Khattak and in 1965 he ...

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Musa Khan Nangialay: Correspondent

Musa Khan Nangialey Profile pic 2

Musa Khan Nangialay is a correspondent with THE PASHTUN TIMES. He has masters degrees in Political Science and International Relations from University of Peshawar. He can be reached at THE PASHTUN TIMES

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Claudia Waedlich: Columnist and Correspondent

Claudia 02

Claudia Waedlich hails from Germany. She is a literary writer, lawyer, politician and part of The Pashtun Times International News Network. She can be reached at THE PASHTUN TIMES

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