The Path to U.S.-Russia Cooperation

Understanding Iran's Foreign Policy

Despite the array of twists and turns since the start of the Trump administration, there is a chance that U.S.-Russia relations could improve over time. My cautious optimism depends on three assumptions. My first assumption: President Trump continues to remain interested in engagement and cooperation with Russia. He aims to contain and defeat the threat of terrorism, make progress in ...

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Out of ground reality: Opinion


It is time for the Afghan government to strongly react to a statement made by former Blackwater CEO, Erik Prince that Taliban or Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorists, would raise their battle flag over the US embassy in six months or a year, if forces pull out of Afghanistan. “There’s a lot of people that say just ...

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Psychological warfare: Opinion


Psychological warfare is an action used to target the enemy’s morale, a scenario that the Taliban insurgents have been engaged in for longtime, but resulted to nowhere. Psychological warfare, or the basic aspect of modern psychological operations have been known by many other names or terms, including psychological ops, political warfare, heart and minds, and propaganda. The term is used ...

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Need of a Loya Jirga instead of coalition


For many, coalition is a very much new word, to be clearer it’s a western word which Afghans are not much familiar with it. But since once talk about Loya Jirga, everyone even the Afghan children understands the meaning, taking it as a precious word in resolving any sort of problems through. This history of Loya Jirga goes back to ...

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Pakistan: The undeclared Jihad factory


The recent ghastly terror attacks in Kabul and London makes me wonder whether such acts of violence are fast becoming the new normal in our lives. Over the last few years, we, as citizens of this world, have grieved for hundreds of innocent lives lost in Boston, Brussels, Paris, Nice, Ankara and many other cities, and have held numerous international ...

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The US policy unfortunately is not clear for the Afghans: Opinion


The United States secretary of defense, Jim Mattis has recently said that his country had not winning the war in Afghanistan. The United States is involved in the longest war of its history. Washington made a coalition in late 2001 and invaded Afghanistan, after the 09/11 attacks on the World Trade Center twin towers to eliminate the al-Qaeda terrorist group ...

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Kalbhushan Jadhav and the terrible history of Pakistani judicial and military justice

Kalbhushan Jadhav

An open letter to the United Nations’ Commission on Human Rights and International law, The International Court of Justice, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, European Parliament, European External Action Service, All the head of Democratic countries of the world and other International Human Rights Organizations. Honorable United Nations’ Human Rights Commissioners, The President and the members of International Court of ...

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A charge sheet against the Islami Jamiat Talaba

Mohsin Dawar

BY MOHSIN DAWAR: On March 21, young men, affiliated with the Islami Jamiat Talaba, stormed an event organized by the Pashtun students to celebrate Jashan-e-Nawroz, a 5,000 year-old festival. It was our right to do so. We had been granted official permission by the university administration. Pakistan is also one of the signatories of the United Nation’s convention that proclaims ...

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Opium-poppy: The key income to Taliban


KABUL: After more than one decade of war in the country, the government and its allies from the US and elsewhere have had little success staunching the flow of poppy. According to recent data from the UN office on Drugs and Crime, opium-poppy cultivation in Afghanistan rose 10 percent in 2016, reaching an estimated 201,000 hectares, or about 496,000 acres. ...

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Sindh and Balochistan: Sociological polity


Sindhi and Baloch today have transformed into modern social and cohesive entities, as they were historically however the linguistic, ethnic and sub-cultural additions that were resulted by the Partition of British India, (after the creation of Pakistan) initiated the process of integration in the societies. Politics is patchy social process, imbibed with the power; therefore state apparatus of Pakistan, like ...

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