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The fundamental contradiction

Afrasiab Khan Khattak

Important  developments during this week (public explanation by the Chief Justice about recent court orders and the COAS’s Senate briefing) seem to have somewhat helped in defusing the crippling tension that had gripped the political situation during the last few weeks with a severely negative fall out for governance system in the country. It was because the high voltage tension ...

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For Ahamdi community in Pakistan, persecution never ends

This shop was owned by late Sheikh Mehmood and was a grocery store. It is abandoned since long as it was attacked with hand grenades around 2008

How religious hatred against Ahmadis in Mardan spurred lynching of Mashaal Khan? MARDAN: On April 13, 2017, Mashaal Khan, a student of journalism department of Abdul Wali Khan University was murdered publicly by angry students allegedly for making blasphemous remarks against Prophet Muhammad on his Facebook page.    The murder of Mashaal Khan is a horrific reminder of what has ...

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FATA, Pakistan and America’s indefinite stay in Afghanistan

Roohul Amin

As soon as the United States declared its going to stay in the war-ravaged Afghanistan for an indefinite time period, rumors about resumption of the Taliban’s FM stations in Bajaur Agency surfaced among locals. Bajuar is a tribal region bordering Afghanistan’s green and hilly Kunar province. This province is believed to be the base camp of the fugitive Taliban leader, Mullah Fazlullah aka “Mullah ...

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‘Pakistan should apologize to Bangladesh for the horrific brutalities in 1971’

Namia Akhtar

HEIDELBERG: Message of a Bengali student to Pakistan: “Pakistan should apologize to Bangladesh for the horrific brutalities in 1971. This would facilitate a rather peaceful South Asian neighbourhood.” “Pakistan is a failing state, the secular nature of Bangladesh makes it a better country to live in,” says Namia Akhtar. The interview is conducted, recorded and edited by Aurang Zeb Khan ...

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India is Afghanistan’s most reliable regional partner, says Pentagon


The United States Department of Defense, Pentagon, says the United States welcome additional support by the Indian government to Afghanistan, noting the country’s contribution to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. In its latest report, Enhancing Security and Stability in Afghanistan, Pentagon said Pentagon called India as Afghanistan’s most reliable regional partner and the largest contributor of development assistance in the region. ...

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Russia ready to cooperate with US on Afghanistan, says Putin

putin russia

We can see the radical militant groups occupy larger and larger swathes of land at the northern border of Afghanistan: Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin in his annual speech on Thursday said his country is ready to cooperate and work with the United States in counter-narcotics and counterterrorism efforts in Afghanistan.  Putin said threats are increasing in Afghanistan, especially in ...

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Here’s why activists in FATA oppose Obaid-Chinoy’s latest project

Pakistan's Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy: The Oscar double winner. Photo: AFP

Obaid-Chinoy has a legitimacy problem that needs to be addressed to restore her credibility as an unbiased and professional film-maker. Pakistan army’s strategic depth policy has had devastating consequences for people of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). The area was handed over in de facto manner by Pakistan  army to its  proxies, the  Taliban, since 9/11. The Taliban disrupted ...

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India supports Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled reconciliation efforts, says Venkaiah Naidu


KABUL: Indian Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu has said his government desired Afghanistan to emerge united, democratic, peaceful, stable and prosperous nation, a media report said on Wednesday. Naidu Reiterated New Delhi’s “complete support” to the National Unity government (NUG) of Afghanistan in all its efforts, the Siasat daily reported. During a meeting with visiting Afghan Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danish ...

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Battle for Lahore

Afrasiab Khan Khattak

After politically almost choking Islamabad to death through a sit in by a violent band of religious zealots in November, the action of the unfolding coup has shifted to Lahore in December to demolish the provincial government which is the actual base of PML-N rule over the country. By stopping Mian Nawaz Sharif from mobilizing masses, the Trojan horses of establishment in ...

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Discrimination against women is not our culture, says Afghan president

Ghani in NY

‘No compromise on women’s rights’: “Discrimination against women is not our culture, and the Afghan women have never been excluded from decision making” KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani has stressed the importance of women’s increased role in the country’s affairs and implementation of reforms, saying ‘a small minority cannot prevent positive changes.’ Ghani expressed these views during a meeting with female ...

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