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Mercy Corps International to establish 450 pistachio fields in Afghanistan to underbring opium cultivation


KABUL: The southern Kandahar, Uruzgan, and Helmand provinces will get new pistachio fields as efforts are underway to create an alternative for the Afghan farmers who are currently busy planting narcotics. According to the local officials in southern Kandahar province, around 450 pistachio fields will be established in the three provinces with the support of the Mercy Corps International. A ...

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Krishna Kumari becomes first Hindu Dalit woman senator of Pakistan

Krishna Kumari Kohli

Ratna Bhagwandas Chawla was first Hindu woman to reach the upper house in Muslim-majority country. Krishna Kumari Kohli has become the first-ever Hindu Dalit woman to be elected to the upper house of Pakistan’s parliament. The election that took place Saturday saw the victory of 39-year-old Kohli who was nominated for a minority Senate seat from the Sindh Assembly by ...

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The protest of the Pashtun: Opinion

Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen

MANZOOR AHMAD PASHTEEN: Our journey began in pitch darkness. I came of age at a time when my family and our entire community, the Mehsud (locally called Maseed) tribe, was forced to leave our South Waziristan homeland during a massive military offensive in 2009. Everyone I know among the estimated half a million Mehsuds has lost at least one loved ...

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Democracy under squeeze

Afrasiab Khan Khattak

The civil military row or to be more precise the wrangling between PML (N) led elected civilian government and the military establishment is quite open and public by now. But the dark prophesies about complete derailing of democracy, postponement of the Senate election and general election haven’t come true so far. In fact polling for the Senate election will be ...

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Pashtun’s uprising: the subalterns finally speak


The celebrated anti-colonial leader and writer, Frants Fanon in his essay,  The Pitfalls of National Consciousness holds that during the anti-colonial resistance all the masses actively participate and make sacrifices for the cause, but once the formal independence is declared, the fruits of independence are not evenly distributed and never reach to the common masses. The post-independence political scenario of ...

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Pakistan confirms being placed on FATF’s grey list


PESHAWAR: Pakistan has confirmed being placed on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) grey list, escaping the threat of inclusion in the black category. The United States and its allies tabled a motion with the FATF, seeking to place Pakistan on a watchlist of countries considered non-compliant with global anti-terror financing measures. Relations between the US and Pakistan have nosedived in the ...

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State-to-state dialogue with Pakistan to end political confrontations


KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday offered to the Taliban ‘a comprehensive plan for peace’ which could lead to a reconciliation aimed at ending 16 years of war. The president unveiled a clear proposition for unconditional talks with the Taliban as a political group, at the start of the international conference, where representatives from over 20 countries and international organizations ...

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Karzai declares his support for the Afghan government’s plan of reconciliation with the Taliban, calling the plan as practical

Hamid Karzai 1

KABUL: Former president Hamid Karzai has declared his support for the Afghan government’s plan of reconciliation with the Taliban, calling the plan as practical. On Wednesday, the national unity government asserted it desire to strike a “truthful and sustainable peace deal” with the Taliban who are ready for reconciliation. A statement from the ex-president’s office said Karzai commended the unity government’s ...

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Thousands ‘disappear’ amid insurgency in Pakistan


An organization in Pakistan’s insurgency-wreaked regions says its preliminary lists have identified thousands of people who have disappeared over the past 15 years. The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) or Pashtun Protection Movement, is working with the families of those who have disappeared during more than 15 years of unrest in Pakistan’s northwestern Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, ...

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The volcano of Pashtun unrest

Afrasiab Khan Khattak

The ten days long sit-in by Pashtun youth in Islamabad in the beginning of February has been followed by powerful protests in Swat and Bajour Agency. In Swat people were protesting against security checkpoints where people have to wait in long queues and they are allegedly humiliated. People of Swat were particularly infuriated after a child died while waiting at a security ...

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