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Karzai praises US pressures on Pakistan, awaits for practical measures

Hamid Karzai sb04

KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai praised the US authorities’ recent pressuring statements against Pakistan, but said he would be happier when Washington takes practical steps. Karzai who is in an official visit in Austria, told reporters in a Vienna-based diplomatic center that he repeatedly informed the US two former leaders (Bush and Obama) as well as other US officials about ...

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England-based Pashtun doctor wishes to see his dream of Pashtunistan comes true in his lifetime

Dr. Muhammad Naseem

“Dr. Naseem, a Pashtunistan-lover says he must be buried in England instead of sending his dead body to Pakistan” “I have bought a piece of land for my grave and whenever I die I must be buried in Wakefield England,” he hankered. Interview with Dr. Muhammad Naseem- a retired physician in England. Dr. Muhammad Naseem who hails from Bannu- a ...

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7 year old Zainab was raped and strangled to death

I am devastated to know about Zainab’s case. The severity of the cruelty involved and the repeated nature of such cases emerging across Pakistan shook me to the core. Alone in Qasur at least 12 cases of minor girls just like Zainab being raped and murdered were reported, In 2015 a scandal of filming of 280 children’s sexual abuse emerged ...

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Despite Trump, Kabul must know Pakistan still holds the key

Aimal Faizi

Is Donald Trump really cutting Pakistan off from the sources of aid that have kept it afloat these past several years? In a September 2012 telephone conversation with the erstwhile US president Barack Obama, then Afghan President Hamid Karzai asked him to “cut into the activity of war and make up with Pakistan on the peace process with the Taliban” in ...

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No power can stop Afghanistan to achieve national goals, says Afghan President


KABUL: The Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani says no power can stop the country to achieve its national goals as he insisted that the times have passed when the country was ruled based on feudalism principles. President Ghani made the remarks during the opening ceremony of a private steel company in Kabul today. He said the whole nation, including private ...

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America suspends entire security aid to Pakistan


STATE Department spokesperson Heather Nauert says suspension will remain in effect until Pakistan ‘takes decisive action’ against groups such as Taliban that are ‘destabilising the region and targeting US personnel’. WASHINGTON: The Trump administration announced on Thursday it is suspending its entire security assistance to Pakistan until it proves its commitment to fight all terrorist groups operating in the region. ...

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It’s time to end Pakistan’s double game

Zalmay Khalilzad

Since 9/11, Pakistan has provided just enough sporadic assistance to give an impression of helpfulness, while at the same time harboring, training, and assisting violent extremist groups. President Trump, in his tweet about Pakistan, called a spade a spade. Since 9/11, Pakistan has consistently played a double game, providing just enough sporadic assistance in capturing members of Al Qaeda and ...

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Pakistan: Civil-military divide over militants

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

My advice on changing Pakistan’s security policies was maligned as Dawn leaks to question my patriotism: Nawaz Sharif Most Pakistani officials and politicians have united in condemning and opposing U.S. President Donald Trump’s pronouncement that instead of extending antiterrorism cooperation with Washington, Islamabad has misled U.S leaders through “lies and deceit.” But ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif urged some soul-searching and called ...

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Pakistan has played double game for years: Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley - US ambassador to the UN

WASHINGTON: The Trump administration on Tuesday accused Pakistan of playing a “double game” with the US for years, a behaviour that was no longer acceptable. “The administration is withholding USD255 million in assistance to Pakistan. There are clear reasons for this. Pakistan has played a double game for years,” US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley told reporters in New York. “They (Pakistanis) ...

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US to announce further action against Pakistan in 24-48 hours: White House


Pakistan can do more to fight terrorism, and we want them to step up and do that, says Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. A day after Washington confirmed suspending $255 million of military aid to Pakistan, the White House said that further action against Pakistan would be announced in the next 24-48 hours. Addressing a daily press briefing on Wednesday, US Press Secretary Sarah ...

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