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Nobody can sag PTM’s confidence, says Manzoor Pashtun

Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen

ZHOB: The key member of Pashtun Takhafuz Movement (PTM) Ali Wazir said that after Zhob convention their strength and confidence has gone many notches higher. Talking to The Pashtun Times, he thanked the Pashtuns of Zhob who turned out in a large number and attended the gathering. He said that they are very much confident about Quetta convention as they are ...

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Pashtuns also have a dream

From steps of Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC in Aug 1963, Martin Luther king Jr. made a historical speech in front of 250000 people which is still being remembered under the title “I have a dream”. When prompted by Mahalia Jackson’s cry; “tell them about the dream, Martin!” he presented his dream of liberty and equality in these words; “I ...

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War, masculinity, and the Pashtun Long March


The struggle against violence that we confront in the post 9/11 world cannot be effectively and expediently won if we do not shatter the clout of toxic masculinity Very few people have written on the Pashtun long march. The marchers had not only gathered in Islamabad against post-9/11 politics and the security regime in the country but also to reject ...

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‘We ask the state to honour its constitution. Is that an anti-state demand?’

Manzoor Pashteen

Lahore: “We are asking state institutions to act in accordance the country’s constitution. Is that an anti-state demand?” Manzoor Pashteen, a leader of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement, asked a gathering of students from various colleges and universities of the city on Tuesday. “If that is so, then are the constitution and the laws drafted under it also anti-state?” he followed ...

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Manzoor Pashteen narrates in LUMS how did he start the Pashtun Protection Movement?

Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen

When the military operation was launched in Waziristan in 2003, its implications started telling its side effects. In 2005, the situation was if you had spoken against the Taliban your dead body would have been thrown away. And that too, beheaded. Your hands cut off. Your face defaced. Your ears severed. If someone used to dare speak against the military ...

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Pashtun protest sparks debate about Pakistan’s counter-terrorism policies

Pashtun Long March

Last month, the grievances of millions of ethnic Pashtuns echoed in Pakistan’s capital as thousands participated in a 10-day sit-in to demand rights and an end to unlawful killings, impunity, harassment, racial profiling, and landmines. The protest has become a mass mobilization for what its young leaders say is an attempt to change security policies that have turned their homeland in the northwestern Federally ...

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President Ghani offered Taliban peace talks, not surrender: US


A top US official has said President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has offered the Taliban group for participation in peace talks as the official insist that the offer did not mean that the group should surrender. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Alice Wells of the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs told reporters that President Ghani offered a dignified process during ...

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Missing persons’ saga: Assistant Professor has gone missing since 2016

Prof. Saadullah

BANNU: Saadullah Shah, a resident of village and post office Bizenkhel, district Bannu Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has gone missing since 2016. He was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Government Post Graduate College Bannu. A letter and more information has been provided by his brother to The Pashtun Times. To The Editor, The Pashtun Times.   Subject:   Mysterious missing ...

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Collision inescapable if Parliament doesn’t end “state within state”: Farhatullah Babar


The upcoming general elections may result in a referendum against the judiciary. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party Senator Farhatullah Babar said on Tuesday a state within the state is running, and there is a perpetual conflict between the two. He said if the parliament didn’t end the state within state then it will lead to a collision. The Senator, who is among ...

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Pakistan’s market share plummets by 50pc in Afghanistan


KABUL: Amid strained ties on political level mainly due to the circumstances surrounding the fight against terrorism, the Pakistani officials have informed regarding a drastic fall in Pakistan’s share in Afghan markets. Chairman Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry Zubair Motiwala has told Dawn News that Pakistan’s trade with Afghanistan fell to $1.2 billion from $2.7bn within in the ...

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