Fencing the Durand Line is no different than creating the Wall of Berlin: Hussain Haqqani 

Hussain Haqqani - Former Ambassador of Pakistan to US
Photo: The Pashtun Times

“The Pashtuns of Pakistan and the Pashtuns of Afghanistan have not only ethnic kinship, but also historical bond, and to pursue the policy of erecting a wall along the Durand Line wouldn’t be any different than the “Wall of Berlin”, which was created in Germany, says Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States, Hussain Haqani. The Pashtun Times conducted an ...

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Afghanistan’s long tradition of cultural exchange – Interview with Nasruddin Saljuqi

Nasruddin Saljuqi

On May 22, 2017, Pakistani band Khumariyaan performed to a packed theatre at Trinity College Dublin. Mr. Nasruddin Saljuqi, who is Chairperson of the Afghan Community of Ireland, was among the keynote speakers on the night. Mr. Saljuqi was born in Herat, Afghanistan in 1956.  After completing his degree in literature at Kabul University, he worked in the Ministry of Telecommunication ...

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Book Review Exclusive: “The Real Pashtun Question” by Farhat Taj. Reviewed by Angelina

Dr. Farhat Taj

Book Review: “The Real Pashtun Question: How To Control Religious Extremism, Misogyny And Pedophilia”?  By: Dr. Farhat Taj 2017 Published By: Kautilya Books, New Delhi. Contents: Acknowledgements, Preface, Seven Chapters, Endnotes, Annexes, Abbreviations, Glossary, References, Map. pp.216. Reviewed by Angelina Merisi. Considering the enormous body of literature and scholarly works available concerning the Taliban movements and Pashtun socio-cultural and political ...

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Contemporary neo-ethnic fusion: Pashtun music reinterpreted: Interview with Khumaryaan by Angelina Merisi

Khumariyaan: Interview with Sparlay Rawail, the lead guitarist with the band - Khumariyaan: By Angelia Merisi

Khumariyaan: Interview with Sparlay Rawail This interview was carried out on the 30th May 2017, between this author (Angelina Merisi) and Sparlay Rawail, the lead guitarist with the band – Khumariyaan. The following is a transcript of that conversation. Merisi: Hello and thank you very much for taking the time from your busy schedule to carry out this interview. Sparlay: ...

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Pashtunland inside Pakistan is occupied by Punjabi Army since 1947, Riaz Afghan Pir tells THE PASHTUN TIMES in an exclusive interview

Riaz Afghan Pir interview pic2

There was time when Punjabi army was dreaming to occupy Kabul, but today they are worried about their survival in general: Riaz Afghan Pir Pashtunistan Freedom Movement (PFM) is a new organization of Pashtuns. This organization is struggling for free and independent Pashtun state-Pashtunistan. Riaz Afghan Pir, the exiled leader of Pashtunistan Freedom Movement in London told THE PASHTUN TIMES ...

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I have never met any culture that was more hospitable as the Pashtuns, says Manolo -a German artist and author of “Pakistan Now”


I can just say it again and again, I have never met any culture that was more hospitable as the Pashtuns. I have been welcomed in many places around the world but nobody went so far out of their way for their guests as the Pathans that I met, says Manolo Ty -a German artist, photographer and author of “Pakistan ...

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Romania: Protest and Corruption. A young Romanian student discusses the conflict with Angelina


Protests in Romania: Alice Strete discusses with Angelina Merisi:  Alice, you are a young Romanian freelancer. You have been very much involved in the recent protests taking place throughout Romania. Could you firstly tell us a little about yourself. Alice Strete: My name is Alice Strete, I’m 25 and I’m currently a freelancer. I’ve lived in Romania for most of ...

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‘Growing up in Afghanistan as an artist – A young Afghan artist, Nesar Ahmad Eesar talks to Angelina’


Yet it is Afghanistan that continues to inspire my work. Through my work I have been able to portray memories of Afghanistan while studying here in Indonesia. Nesar Ahmad Eesar in an exclusive interview with THE PASHTUN TIMES said: During my time, while studying painting, people kept telling me that I should not be learning painting as it is Haram ...

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We will respect Pashtuns’ decision on Pashtunistan: Karzai

Former president of Afghanistan talks to THE PASHTUN TIMES

KABUL: Former President Hamid Karzai said that if Pashtuns from Pakhtunkhwa decide to Pashtunistan, he would respect their decision. In an interview with The Pashtun Times, the ex-president said that in the Durand Line Agreement, the Durand Line was not called a border. “It was not called a border but the term sphere of influence was used. It means sphere ...

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The Durand Line can’t separate Afghans: Hamid Karzai in a historic interview with THE PASHTUN TIMES

KABUL: Former president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai in an exclusive interview with THE PASHTUN TIMES

  The Durand Line is not a claim but an aspiration and a historical right of the Afghan people; If Pashtuns from Pashtunkhwa decide to Pashtunistan, we will respect their decision; Pashtuns on other side of the Durand Line are victims of conspiracies; Daesh is a foreign project; the Pakistani military must stop creating challenges for Afghanistan; Afghans will respond ...

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