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Pashtuns vent grievances in Islamabad sit-in


PashtunLongMarch: Millions of ethnic Pashtuns have endured years of terrorist violence, military operations, and displacement in northwestern Pakistan, and yet their protests rarely reverberate in the country’s capital, Islamabad. But the murder of a young shopkeeper in a staged gunbattle with the police last month appears to have stirred up grievances that were long suppressed. The killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud in the ...

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For Ahamdi community in Pakistan, persecution never ends

This shop was owned by late Sheikh Mehmood and was a grocery store. It is abandoned since long as it was attacked with hand grenades around 2008

How religious hatred against Ahmadis in Mardan spurred lynching of Mashaal Khan? MARDAN: On April 13, 2017, Mashaal Khan, a student of journalism department of Abdul Wali Khan University was murdered publicly by angry students allegedly for making blasphemous remarks against Prophet Muhammad on his Facebook page.    The murder of Mashaal Khan is a horrific reminder of what has ...

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German voters head to polls today to decide government

The Pashtun Times1

Media predictions and polls cannot decide what must happen as this authority only rests in the hands of voters. Germany looks prone to the effects of what did happen in France–the defeat of right wing populists in France and what did occur in the United States, the victory of Donald Trump in the US. The polls result proved all the ...

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Pakistan: Pashtun doctor who helped locate Bin Laden marks 6 years in Pakistani prison

dr. afridi

He’s known in the U.S. Congress as “Dr. Hero” for his alleged role in finding al-Qaida mastermind Osama bin Laden. But in his native Pakistan, Dr. Shakil Afridi has been cast as a traitor, locked away for nearly six years in a slippery, tangled case that has strained bilateral relations. It’s a tale that has played out as part spy ...

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The Iqbal Chair Delay —How long will the Pakistani Government keep the University of Heidelberg’s South Asia Institute waiting

South Asia Institute (SAI) - Universität Heidelberg

HEIDELBERG: The University of Heidelberg, established in 1386 is Germany’s oldest university and one of the most significant research institutions in Europe. Since its formation, the University of Heidelberg has experienced a lot of ups and downs with regard to its scientific reputation, its scholarly appeal and its popularity amongst professors and students alike. In the 19th century, the University of ...

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Hinduism in FATA: Minority religions fading as ETPB appropriate worship places in FATA and elsewhere


PARACHINAR: (BY ANWAR ZEB) Maria Kumari lowers her head and touches the tip of her nose with her index finger, She lips moving silently in prayers. She is offering the Kamaya Karam – a religious prayer to get her wishes granted. Her whole family pray in the upper story of their house instead of a Mandar, or a temple for ...

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Qargha Lake, a transcendental beauty of nature


KABUL: Qargha Lake is located nine kilometers from Kabul City. The area is surrounded by green hills. This is one of the best place for sightseeing and entertainment especially for families. From March till end of October, Qargha attracts hundreds of local and foreign tourists. Everyday scores of people go for picnic to Qargha Lake, but it becomes a very ...

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Jalalabad and beyond: A historical perspective from Kabul


Concluding my humanitarian missions in Kabul and Laghman, the next part of my journey would lead me through Jalalabad to the legendary Khyber Pass via Torkham, the border post with Pakistan. Just the thought of travelling through unchartered territory was overwhelming. Not only would I be revisiting history and witnessing one of the ancient gateways between east and west tracing ...

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Khudai Khidmatgaari Resurrects in Pakhtunkhwa


Baacha Khan Trust Education Foundation Fellows Set up Khudai Khidmatgaari Camp at Baacha Khan School Mingora Swat For connecting with people at the grass roots level in continuation of Khudai Khidmatgaar Movement (KK Movement) initiated by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan aka Baacha Khan, the Fellows of Baacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation (BKTEF) set up a Khudai Khidmatgaari Camp from Feb ...

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Bacha Khan: The Redefiner of Pukhtoonwali


Twenty eighth anniversary of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan) once again reminds us the role he played in reshaping the cultural values of Pukhtoon society. Cultural values play an important role in shaping the collective behavior of a society. Some of the cultural traits provide the tools and mechanism for the intra-society and cross-culture conflicts resolution. Pukhtoonwali is a ...

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