Editorial: Chaos, terror, the Taliban and Afghan government

An Afghan woman walks through the cite of a suicide attack in Jalalabad, the capital city of eastern Afghan province, Nangarhar. Photo: Reuters

EDITORIAL: A foreign troops convoy was targeted in a car bombing in Dand district in Kandahar province on Monday afternoon, officials confirmed.  Eight Police soldiers were killed in Farah Taliban attack. Officials said the attack happened on Sunday night when Taliban insurgents stormed a police check post. One wounded in Pakistan missile attack on Kunar, an eastern Afghan province. Kunduz ...

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Pakistan: A picture of duplicity in war on terror


EDITORIAL: Pakistan for its ongoing duplicity in war on terror has embraced regional and international isolation and passing through nervous and uncertain situations. Besides, Afghanistan and India, the United States has frequently accused Pakistan for harboring and sheltering the Afghan Taliban, the notorious Haqqani network and so many other local and international terrorist outfits, which use its soil for bleeding ...

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“Khilafat is coming” – ISIS on the rise in Pakistan


EDITORIAL: The notorious Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), known as Daesh terrorist group is on decline in Middle East, and Afghanistan, but its influence in Pakistan has been rising day to day. The secret, and terrorist activities of ISIS has been reported in the Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan provinces, including the FATA, and even the capital, ...

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Pak’s awkward demàrche: Of terror, Baloch, and Geneva

free balochistan

EDITORIAL: Instead of responding in a rational and mature way, those sitting in the echelon of power in Pakistan, bungled and bedeviled it once again as their reaction is nothing, but just an act of tinkering and mere rhetoric. The way they responded to the American president Donald Trump, who has worn a sternly angry look against Pakistan’s overt and ...

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Time for Pakistan to restrain from evil designs

Pakistan's Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbas

EDITORIAL: Why Pakistan has been supporting the Taliban and other terrorist outfits amid at continuing perpetuate the very long war which has gripped Afghanistan since 2001. It has been years that Pakistan has a difficult and strained relationship with Afghanistan. Maybe Pakistan fears of Afghan strength due to various reason, thus supporting and harboring militants. The roots of the Afghan-Pakistan ...

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Editorial: The saga of the Pashtuns’ self determination and the Pashtunistan Day


EDITORIAL: And the tale is on. Every year a small of chunk of Pashtun population on both sides of the Durand Line celebrate this day. The day of Pashtunistan. Perhaps not in vogue now in the occupied parts of Pashtunistan by Pakistan, but yes, since the fall of Dr. Najeeb’s government in 90s, this day was not commemorated in the ...

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Gulbuddin Hekmatyar should empower the security forces, instead of private fighting


EDITORIAL: The Afghans are listening things that some people want to make fronts of fight against the insurgents by their own and even assure the central government that they and their armed men can curb the war in some specific areas if those areas are under their own control. A prominent jihadi personality asked recently the government to give the ...

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The US longest war in Afghanistan has to be ended logically


EDITORIAL: What we need to put a complete end to the ongoing war in Afghanistan—does military measure will put end, or we still need to constant on reconciliation process. Sixteen years have passed from the longest war in the history of America however, it seems to take many more years. During this period, no major breakthrough took place, rather security ...

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Kabul trusts Islamabad again- The passage of peace in Afghanistan passes through Islamabad

President Ghani

EDITORIAL: With spending of millions of dollars in fight against militant but diverse result made. Still peace and stability remained a distant dream despite multiple military campaigns, political strategies and reconciliation process. Oppositely, war on terror is getting more complicated as the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, which also known as Daesh terrorist emerged under the presence of US in ...

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Roots of terrorism not in Afghanistan

uk troops

EDITORIAL: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has recently decided to deploy more troops in Afghanistan. The NATO secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg announced in Brussels that so far 15 member countries have showed readiness to send additional forces to the war-torn country. He said that totally 3,000 troops would be stationed here to what called “train and advise” the 35,000-strong security ...

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