Book Review : Ghost Wars

Ghost Wars 01

Book Review : Ghost Wars  Writer: Steve Coll Review : Zahid Khattak This book is one of the hard to read books I have read, but it was rewarding to have finished reading this book.”Ghost Wars “ is extremely detailed in its facts and offers much knowledge for anyone that may not be as educated in the history of the ...

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A book review: My life with the Taliban


“My Life With The Taliban” A Book Review by Zahid Khattak Abdus Salam Zaeef, a former Taliban envoy to Pakistan, offers a unique contribution to the literature written on the conflict in Afghanistan along with his autobiography. He presents an un-apologetic Taliban attitude on the events in Afghanistan and as such give his perspective on different issues. For instance, his ...

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The Great Game sears Pashtun homeland

Durand's curse

Rajiv Dogra’s book, Durand’s Curse: A Line across the Pashtun Heart, is a perceptive analysis of the adventurism that created the Afghan problem. It is a must read for scholars of South Asia Barring perhaps tiny Sri Lanka, the British Empire amputated every non-Christian land that fell under its heel, causing wounds that time could not heal. As meticulously documented by ...

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Diwal Sara Khabaray by Shaheen Buneri (soft copy)

dewal sara khabaray

Please click on the link below Diwal-Sara-Khabaray

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Diwal Sara khabaray: An ode to hope

dewal sara khabaray

Book Review “Dewaal Sara Khabaray” “Talking to the wall”             Rahmat Shah Sayel once wrote “Chains every where, trenches abound  and military posts dotting the homeland, Be inflamed by your own consciousness, the homeland is a hell to live in.” As I listen to these piercing lines in the voice of a popular Pashtun singer Gulzar Alam sitting hundred of ...

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Pata Khazana (The Hidden Treasure): A haze of controversy surrounds the ancient jewel of Pashto Literature

Angelina Merisi

Pata Khazana (The Hidden Treasure):  A haze of controversy surrounds the ancient jewel of Pashto Literature (Observations by: Angelina Merisi) One would expect to find some level of controversy, surrounding an obscure, archaic manuscript found in an old village Mosque in 1886, subsequently claimed to disclose Pashto poems and biographical sketches from the eighth century straight down through the eighteenth ...

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Dastarnama: Khushal Khan Khattak’s concept of Bravery


Khushal Khan Khattak (1613-1689), is an iconic figure in Pashtun history, literature and culture, often referred to as the national poet of Pashtuns. The life and character of Khushal Khan Khattak presents a complex, multifaceted terrain, considering he was not simply a great Chieftain and poet, but also a hunter, physician, philosopher, scholar and thinker (Shaheen: 2007). It would be ...

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Machiavelli’s the Prince: A Guidebook for Contemporary Political Leadership?

the prince

Five hundred years ago Machiavelli wrote: “A ruler must not worry about being labelled cruel when it’s a question of keeping subjects loyal and united. It is better to be feared than loved, for we can say of most people that they are ungrateful, unreliable, they lie, they fake, they are greedy. The ruler who has relied on promises is ...

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Book Review: The Humanistic Politics in Afghanistan


Abdul Ghafoor Liwal is an academic politician working for enlightenment and development of Afghan society for several years in Afghanistan. He has served on many governmental and non-governmental positions in Afghanistan. Mr. Liwal new book, ‘The Humanistic Politics in Afghanistan’ paves the way to critical thinking and helps in understanding the mindset of the present-day Afghan people. This book highlights ...

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“Cheegha: The Call from Waziristan, the Last Outpost”


“Cheegha: The Call from Waziristan, the Last Outpost” (Reviewed by Angelina Merisi) Author: Ghulam Qadir Khan Daur L’Aleph: Sweden Wisehouse 2014 Foreword by: Prof. Akbar Ahmed Book Review: Ground realities, images and impressions of the lands and people of Waziristan can at best be merely conjured up in the imaginations of those keen to seek knowledge and truth concerning this ...

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