Religion of peace in Pakistan


Pakistan is becoming more and more dangerous both for Muslims and non-Muslims. The most important for a person is survival, why to live in a place where there is a threat to your survival. If the blasphemy law is not reviewed by the state it will give birth to severe problems. The people of Pakistan are adopting extremist mindset, if ...

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The Unarmed Pathan


When we look back at our history, almost every country in the world has experienced some form of foreign occupation, colonization, massive violence and bloodshed simply based on either regional, religion, ethnic or racial conflict. And while most of the leaders who’ve led such warfare and occupations, have been violent and tyrannical. But there have also been a few, very ...

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Russia: The new player in Afghanistan


After suffering an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the US-backed ‘Mujahideen’, Russians adopted a hands-off approach towards Afghanistan. Having realized that they had no say in the political landscape that existed in Afghanistan post Soviet-Afghan War, Russians separated themselves from the affairs which thereafter existed between Washington and Kabul. Unable to influence the decision making apparatus of the world ...

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Tribal Areas Rewaj Act


Specifically, for FATA, and generally, for whole state, the formal approval of FATA reforms, by federal cabinet, was a layer of joy and pleasure. The report contains plethora of provisions that manifest the mainstreaming and impartation of the fundamental justice to the residents of FATA. Along with this, the report also grasps some ignominious parts that might become enigma i.e. ...

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How empower and aware are women in rural Pakhtunkhawa?


It’s #WomenWeek and tomorrow we will be celebrating #InternationalWomensDay, a day to recognize the women rights, a day marked to remember  the struggle and achievements of women. We are living in an era where on one hand women of other nations have conquered new horizons but on other hand we have sisters like #R( bibi ) and N bibi who ...

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Radd – ul-Fassad against whom?

Farooq Azam

Pakistan Army has recently started an operation Radd – ul-Fassad against the banned militant group Jammat-ul-Ahrar. This operation has been conducted in the response of various attacks of terrorists in the various parts of the country. Like this, twelve other operations since from 2002 have conducted to eliminate the roots of terrorism from the country but remained unsuccessful. These operations ...

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Pakistan holds no authority to merger as FATA was never regular part of Pakistan


It seems that high-ranking officials in Pakistan are looking toward anarchy, where despite to take bold steps to resolve the already worsened situation, created by the continued ignorance and providing sanctuaries to various national and international terrorists groups, but they are adding to that. At somehow it indicates that time is not running with Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has ...

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Muslim, Christian and Jew save Afghan Baby with Heart Defect

kid 2

After the New York Times published an article regarding the teaming of Muslim, Christian and Jewish Facebook friends to save the life of an Afghan baby born with a terminal heart defect, many people sent requests and appreciation messages to Farhad Zaheer, the instrumental, heroic Afghan who overcame all obstacles and hardships to facilitate this. Through his Facebook contacts with ...

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Bacha Khan: A Messenger of Nonviolence

bacha khan 29

The society is the collection of individuals. The communication between or among the individuals in society is under some kind of established ethos known as the social order. Therefore, when the individuals communicate with one another, then conflicts are inevitable. These conflicts are resolved through two ways. One is violence and the other is non-violence. The entire history is bear ...

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The story of a missing Pashtun student Bakhtyar Orakzai: By Farhat Taj

Bakhtyar Orakzai

BY FARHAT TAJ: In support and honour of Bakhtyar Orakzai, my student from KUST, kidnapped by intelligence agencies of Pakistan Bakhtyar Khan Orakzai, born in1986, is from the Mishti tribe of Orakzai agency in FATA. The intelligence agencies of Pakistan abducted him in 2015 apparently on suspicion of his connection with the Taliban. At the time of abduction, he was ...

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