Jingoism in Pakistan

Junaid Zahid

Jingoism is an extreme and aggressive patriotism. Its a pride in anything that belongs to one’s own state and hatred against anything foreign. This is exactly that is going on between India and Pakistan. Extreme hatred between the two is the result of the lies spread on media. Just one case of irrationality in India and our media will present ...

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Welcome to Pakistan


Ashfaq Ahmed, a famous Pakistani scholar and writer always emphasized and insisted to have get together with “baabey” (a term used for the senior citizens). Knowledge, information is not only found in books, there is indeed many things that can be obtained through these get together with baabey, but unfortunately, we are only finding out things and solutions in books ...

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Evaluation of KP government

Babar Khan Yousafzai

Another 4 years of broken promises & violated pledges for the people of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah. The PTI-led government has failed to bring about even an iota of change that was promised to the common folks. While Sehat ka Insaaf and Taleem ka Insaaf sold out well on Facebook and among PTI’s supporters, who have never been to KPK. The ...

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The Progressive ‘Khan’ and ‘Pakhtun’

Bacha Khan

In 1921, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan founded an organization called Anjuman e Islah ul Afghania (Society for the Reform of Afghans) for economic, social and educational reforms. With the passage of time, Bacha Khan realized that the organization had slender success in mobilizing mass interest in social reform and nationalist struggle. Therefore, he began to give thought to a much ...

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A shift in Pakistan foreign policy under different government and time to reshape it

Kamran Khan

Since the creation of Pakistan, the debate over the foreign policy of Pakistan is a subject matter which is not very clear to every common citizen. The history witnessed drastic changes in the Pakistan foreign policy under different regimes. The foreign policy of Pakistan change with the change of every government and no reliable system has been adopted with the ...

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Kalbhushan Jadhav and the terrible history of Pakistani judicial and military justice

Kalbhushan Jadhav

An open letter to the United Nations’ Commission on Human Rights and International law, The International Court of Justice, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, European Parliament, European External Action Service, All the head of Democratic countries of the world and other International Human Rights Organizations. Honorable United Nations’ Human Rights Commissioners, The President and the members of International Court of ...

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Pashtun Intelligentsia


Every human mind is capable of thinking. On the pattern of thought process, we can divide the human beings into three categories. First, some people know that they are thinking, but unable to channelize their thought processes. Second, most of the people are not even aware that they are thinking. Third, very few of them know that they are thinking ...

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Erdogan – The new elected Sultan of Turkey

Ayoub Khan

Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long held ambitious to replace Kemal Ataturk (founder of the Republic of Turkey) as the country’s most revered leader, distancing himself from the founder’s ideals and emphasizing Turkey’s Ottoman and Islamic heritage over its more recent history. The following are most important changes, Ataturk westernized Turkey society, Erdogan view the west and its socio ...

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From Socrates to Mashal Khan


The savagely violent murder of Mashal Khan on April 13 is a grim reminder of our consistency in aversion for critical minds and free thinking from olden times down to present day. This lynching is not a unique episode in human history. Socrates (470-399 BC), the classical Greek Philosopher was accused of corrupting minds of youths and impiety. He preferred ...

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Pakistan at the crossroad of ideology

lal masjid

In 2013, Jammat-e-Islami Pakistan declared Mohammad Bin Qasim ‘First Pakistani’. Later on in 2013, Pakistan Army Chief General Pervez Kiyani while addressing the army men said that Mohammad Bin Qasim is the ‘First Pakistani’. Apart from the dissents concerning historical and contemporary narratives about Pakistan, it is established fact according to the official record; the name of newly found country ...

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