Suicide Conundrum: A La-La Land or Hades of Zombies

saeed wazir1

“Brutality and injustice made us raise our hands towards the Gods (society, church and state) for years; God didn’t respond us, but made us just pawns in the hands of Gog and Magog.”Homo Sapiens are described as the crown of creation. Right to life is the most inherent, inalienable right of any individual, and the most important duty of state. ...

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Galloping Talibanization in my Hometown


The fabric of Pashtun societies in Balochistan have been systematically altered, since the filthy epoch of the Cold War politics in Pakistan. Because the movement of Talibanisation has entirely provoked — an enormous throng of Pashtuns — in the name of religion. The perception of jihad and radical Islam was extensively injected in their minds. So that, they could have ...

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Every Child is Aylan al Kurdi

Sagid Khan

In the history of the world, mothers have reared children to be slaughtered in the wake of bloody conflicts between the greedy nations. The day Aylan al Kurdi drowned, it was like every children drowned. But thanks to God, they are immature and innocent enough that they hope for the new peaceful morning after the harsh bloody day in different ...

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War on terror is war on human rights

Ziaullah Khan

In the wake of 9/11 terror attack on World Trade Centre US attacked Afghanistan in a quest to stamp out Al-Qaeda bases and neutralize Taliban in Afghanistan, and with this started the war against terrorism. The war was later also extended to Iraq in 2003 against Saddam Hussain government on the stupendous pretext that he retained weapons of mass destruction. ...

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The Fear of Failure

Shariq Khan

The tapered minds of our children, youth and elders are the consequence of the “Fear” embedded in their minds and the chief fear is the “fear of Failure”. Here, by fear I mean avoiding something in advance with the chances of failure, this is usually a presumption of failure in any activity, and this fear intact throughout the life of ...

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Unabated Specter of Colonialism in FATA

Waqas Mamtaz02

The Annexation of Punjab made the way clear for the Britishers to execute the forward policy in Waziristan without a huge cost. It was the year 1848 that eventually the annexation reached to its completion; after the death of Ranjit Singh, and, in the result of that, Fata falls into the direct influence of British.  Moreover, Punjab’s productivity and the ...

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Global Village and FATA


If you had been born hundred years ago, you would have had no chance to know about all the incidents and other news that happen in the world. There was a time when people had health, education, transport and communication problems. With the passage of time, science made everything easier in twentieth century. Science has brought a drastic change in ...

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Pakistan remains ravaged by gender disparity

Girl Pic

If you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a woman you educate a family Woman who is considered one of the fragile being in every society both emotionally and physically comprising more than 50% of the world’s population. She is kept under the deprivation of enough education, health facilities and nutrition and therefore they have to ...

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Pakistan Local Bodies: Provincial Governments or Bottleneck


By Sanna Are we having democratic governments in our provinces? No matter what ever the situation is. A democratic government should provide services to its masses on door steps through the elected local bodies governments. Though Pakistan cash the value and electioneering of Local Bodies Governments in international forums and on government officials visit abroad; the system and governments are not empowered. ...

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Afghanistan: The Great Expectations

Sagid Khan

If someone has read the novel named “The Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens, then he/she might remember the main characters around which the whole plot of novel revolves. The three characters are; Miss Havisham, Estella, and Pip. Miss Havisham, dejected lady due to her love affair, is the guardian of her adopted daughter Estella. Estella is a pretty lady since ...

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