Pashtun Intelligentsia


Every human mind is capable of thinking. On the pattern of thought process, we can divide the human beings into three categories. First, some people know that they are thinking, but unable to channelize their thought processes. Second, most of the people are not even aware that they are thinking. Third, very few of them know that they are thinking ...

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Erdogan – The new elected Sultan of Turkey

Ayoub Khan

Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long held ambitious to replace Kemal Ataturk (founder of the Republic of Turkey) as the country’s most revered leader, distancing himself from the founder’s ideals and emphasizing Turkey’s Ottoman and Islamic heritage over its more recent history. The following are most important changes, Ataturk westernized Turkey society, Erdogan view the west and its socio ...

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From Socrates to Mashal Khan


The savagely violent murder of Mashal Khan on April 13 is a grim reminder of our consistency in aversion for critical minds and free thinking from olden times down to present day. This lynching is not a unique episode in human history. Socrates (470-399 BC), the classical Greek Philosopher was accused of corrupting minds of youths and impiety. He preferred ...

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Pakistan at the crossroad of ideology

lal masjid

In 2013, Jammat-e-Islami Pakistan declared Mohammad Bin Qasim ‘First Pakistani’. Later on in 2013, Pakistan Army Chief General Pervez Kiyani while addressing the army men said that Mohammad Bin Qasim is the ‘First Pakistani’. Apart from the dissents concerning historical and contemporary narratives about Pakistan, it is established fact according to the official record; the name of newly found country ...

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National Interest of Pakistan, poor civilian, HRDs and social media activists

Zar Ali Khan Afridi

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has ordered the cyber crime wing of FIA to take immediate action against all those dishonoring the Pakistan Army through social media. This is a new and very fresh threat to all those social media activists and Human Rights Defenders who are already under threats and suffer from state persecution, intimidation and harassment. Interior ...

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‘Schindler List’ for Southeast Europe, Pakistanisation as the final solution for the Balkans?

Prof. Zlatko Hadžidedić

A few days ago Observer published a column under the title Putin-Proofing the Balkans: A How-To Guide, written by John Schindler. In this article the author advocates some new geopolitical redesigns of the Balkans which are actually far from being a novelty. As a matter of fact, these ideas represent a pale copy of the ideas recently published by Foreign ...

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Brazil in the short Strikes – the ultimate price of welfare

Luísa Monteiro

April 28th will be a date to remember. Even though some of the great media claim that there were only demonstrations around the country, it is to assume that, by a consensus or not, what happened here was a strike. A general strike, the first in 20 years, one of the biggest in the History of the country, highly cited ...

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YPG not the real problem of Turkey

Manish Rai

The recent Turkish air strikes on Kurdish positions in north-eastern Syria killed at least 28 YPG fighters (People Protection Units) armed wing of Kurdish Democratic Union Party or popularly known as PYD and wounded 18 others. Since then clashes broke out and continued between the YPG and Turkish military forces in several areas in northern Syria. Even these attacks were ...

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Bravo, new ISI narrative on Afghanistan

Dr. Naimat U. Khan

In his speech at TED Global, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani remarked that an average Afghan listens to three radio stations a day because “the world matters to them”. And it is truer in the case of a change in power in neighbouring Pakistan — The Khaki State. This impact amplifies whenever there is a change of command in the Army’s ...

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You are right or what is right!

Right wrong

Origin is always obscure, says Maclaver. I do concede to his skeptic proposition, but the obscurity of things led to the differences of opinions and controversies. The respect and tolerance is the only ground on which the contrasting opinions can stand otherwise it will led to an inflammable crisis, which will turn into ashes the proponents and the opponents alike. ...

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