Trump’s South Asia strategy sparks outrage


Following US President Donald Trump’s televised South Asia policy speech last month, Pakistan appears to be in a quandary. Historically, the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and the United States has been fractious at times. And given Pakistan’s angry response to his comments, the fractures run particularly deep this time. Pakistani Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif reacted angrily, saying the administration’s policies ...

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Undeclared military operation in South Waziristan

paki military

BY MUHAMMAD ZUBAIR: Pakistan military is conducting military operations in Mahsud areas of South Waziristan. These operations are not declared. People from the local areas including women and children were evicted from their houses and made to live under open sky for days before they forcefully moved to Bakakhel (Bannu) IDPs camp. Women and children are kept separate from their ...

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Donald Trump is taken in by Pakistan’s deceitful acts

Amrullah Saleh

It seems the Western hostages were in the hands of good terrorists, the ones that listen to GHQ Rawalpindi, don’t hurt Pakistan and in times of need, dance like circus monkeys for visiting spectators according to the diktat of an ISI colonel. By Amrullah Saleh US relations with Pakistan resemble a broken affair between two unequal partners which will neither be ...

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Alternative funding for universities

Dr. Naimat U. Khan

If the Pakistan Army can balance its various commercial ventures alongside its primary duty — then so, too, can universities Last week, a friend sent me a notification issued by a Pakistani university, regarding the latter’s financial stringency. The university’s competent authority demonstrated its incompetence by ordering superficial measures aimed at cutting expenditure. This only becomes effective when efforts to ...

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Afghanistan and regional cooperation: Opportunities and impediments

Mosa Ahmadzai, Kabul

Regional cooperation is important for regional peace and stability. It is regional cooperation through which regional countries can coordinate their efforts to bring an ever lasting and durable peace and stability in the region. This cooperation could also plays an important role in social and economic development of the region. Without regional cooperation peace, stability and economic growth is not ...

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Afghanistan’s Peace Weavers


Paradoxically, despite a horrific and seemingly endless war raging around them, there are brave citizens building peace across Afghanistan every day. The United Nations is doing its best to listen to each and every individual who stands up for peace. Indeed, the UN sees these actors as beacons of hope, lighting the way for change. A few weeks back, women ...

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The wrong kind of sacrifice

Namia Akhtar

Eid-ul-Azha has become more about the price of our cattle than the extent of our sacrifice DHAKA/BANGLADESH: Eid is an occasion to reconnect with our higher selves, the transcendent self that exists within us to connect with the celestial and to instill at least a fragment of that celestial order in our lives. Nonetheless, in contemporary Muslim society in urban ...

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King Amanullah Khan: The less we know and the more we talk about

Asadullah Daudzai

Codifying, articulating and translating Amaanism: undocumented ideology and an alternative narrative We are a nation of much sensation and high talks and less consciousness and actions, we talk a lot but we act rarely, we are attached to sensation and thus always driven by it but less exposed and friendly to consciousness and this Afghan typical disposition has its own ...

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Dr. Ruth will go to hell?

dr Pfse

Dr. Ruth is no more with us. The social media is paying tributes to the noble soul. However, some of the people started to post about her faith and showed concern for her afterlife. It sparked an unwarranted debate whether she would go to paradise or hell. As if we are gods to decide about the jannat and jahanum of ...

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Pakistan’s double game benefits none


By Ezzatullah Mehrdad-From the very beginning of the global war on terror since 2000, Pakistan, a militarized country, has used to play a double game in volatile region which undermine peace and stability of Middle East, Central Asia and Southern Asian countries. The Pakistan’s game doesn’t even benefit Pakistani people, nor does it benefit other countries, including Afghanistan. Every intelligence ...

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