Brussels: Afghans protest against Pakistan rocket shelling in Afghanistan


BELGIUM: A large number of Afghan nationals based in Europe, staged a peaceful demonstration in front of European Parliament building in Brussels against the violation of Afghanistan’s sovereignty by shelling of Pakistan’s rockets into the eastern Nangarhar and other provinces. Shan Pacha Shinwari, leading the protest, told THE PASHTUN TIMES that the Afghans based in different European countries and people ...

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Pakistan has started fencing work along the Durand Line


KABUL: Pakistan has started the fencing work along the Durand Line with the country’s officials saying the step has been taken to prevent the movement of the militants to the tribal regions of the country, it has been reported. The Pakistani Army Chief of Staff General Qamar Javid Bajwa reportedly visited the working site Momand Agency on Saturday. Gen. Bajwa ...

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Afghanistan has optional routes if enemies think to block trade routes: President Ghani


KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said optional routes are available for Afghanistan if the enemies of the country think to block the trade route to the country. Speaking during a gathering in Mazar-e-Sharif city, the provincial capital of Balkh, President Ghani said Afghanistan has become an inseparable part of the Central Asia. President Ghani further added that the northern ...

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‘More US deployment wouldn’t bring peace’: Karzai blames US for its wrong Afghan polic


KABUL: Hamid Karzai, the former president blamed the United States and its allies for what he said “taking wrong policy” in Afghanistan, resulting terrorists more power. “One decade and half ago, the US and its allies came to our country with full cooperation from the important regional countries with the aim of fight against terrorism. Unfortunately, by the wrong US ...

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American woman supporting Afghans for 38 years granted citizenship


KABUL: An American woman supporting the Afghan people for the past 38 years has been awarded citizenship by the Afghan government. The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said President Ghani granted the citizenship to the woman, Marie Caroline during a ceremony organized in the Palace. According to a presidential decree, Ms Caroline was formally granted the citizenship after she ...

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Afghanistan elects first rap artist as the ‘Afghan Star’


KABUL: The first rap artist to make to the final of the popular Afghan Star music competition was elected the winner as he managed to attract considerable fan with his songs, mainly focusing on the ongoing challenges of the country. The season 12 Afghan Star winner Sayed Jamal Mubarez was contesting for the title along with the first female finalist ...

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Join peace process or face action, Atmar tells rebels

Afghan National Security Adviser (NSA) Mohammad Hanif Atmar

KABUL: The national security advisor on Tuesday warned militants of stringent military action if they refused to join the government-initiated reconciliation process. Mohammad Hanif Atmar, in a Nawroz message, called 2016 a year full of problems and suffering for the Afghans. However, he said, they were able to come out of the security concerns. “The nation has successfully proved to ...

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Nawaz orders immediate opening of Pak-Afghan routes


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Shrif has ordered for an immediate opening of the routes located along the Durand Line connecting Afghanistan and Pakistan. According to a statement released by the Prime Minister House of Pakistan, the decision to reopen the routes was taken as a gesture of goodwill. The Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal confirmed that ...

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Cross border closure is short-term decision: Pakistani diplomat


KABUL: Pakistan’s new ambassador to United States, Aizaz Chaudhry has said that closure of crossing points with Afghanistan is a temporary decision which is a part of counter-terrorism strategy to block infiltration of terrorists. He said: “This is border management, necessary to combat terrorists.” Speaking to reporters in Washington D.C., Chaudhry called on Kabul’s government to jointly manage the British-era ...

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Crossing closure can’t mar Afghans from celebrating New Year


KABUL: Aziz Khanzada, 21, is second year medicine student of Kandahar University. He, like many other Afghans, has arrived in Kabul few days ago to celebrate the New Year with his fiancé. “I’ve done shopping for myself, my family and for my fiancé, but have not seen any big impact of the closed borders on the market prices,” said Khanzada. ...

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