Trump administration to close special envoy’s office for Afghanistan and Pakistan


The President Donald Trump administration will close the office of the US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, it has been reported. According to the Wall Street Journal, quoting informed US sources, the office will be absorbed into the larger State Department division responsible for South and Central Asia. The officials speaking on the condition of anonymity said the acting US ...

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Children at orphanage miss their parents on Eid festival


KABUL: Eid-ul-Fitr is a festival for many after one month of fasting, worship and prayers but orphan and homeless children are far to enjoy the celebration of these important religious days. Reyazuddin, 12, hailing from Badakhshan province, is among the children who lost his father and stays at the Alauddin Orphanage of capital Kabul from the past three years. When ...

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Hekmatyar urges Ghani to do more for peace

Afghan warlord Hekmatyar speaks during a welcoming ceremony at the presidential palace in Kabul

KABUL: Hezb-i-Islami Afghanistan leader Gulbadin Hekmatyar on Friday asked President Ashraf Ghani to take more effective steps for peace and choose the path of an intra-Afghan dialogue to end the conflict. In his message in connection with religious festival Eidul Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, Hekmatyar urged political leaders to agree on a new effective strategy for ...

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Afghans witness bloody Ramadan


KABUL: There is an explosion, a suicide attack, attack on security forces and killing civilians in different ways almost every day in different areas of Afghanistan that was expected to be at least calm during the holy month of Ramadan like other countries, the month, in which Muslims feel themselves closer to the almighty God by taking fast, praying more ...

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Karzai condemns deadly Helmand attack

karzai (1)

KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai “strongly” condemned Thursday’s attack on the civilians in the southern province of Helmand. A suicide bomber detonated his car filled with explosives just outside the branch of the New Kabul Bank at around 12:00pm in the Lashkar Gahn city, the provincial capital. At least 34 people were martyred and more than 50 others injured in ...

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At least 34 killed as car bomb hits bank in Southern Afghanistan


KABUL: Thirty-four people have been killed and 58 others wounded in a car bomb outside a bank in the southern province of Helmand, the provincial governor’s office said. Local officials said the bomb was detonated on June 22 outside the New Kabul Bank branch in the provincial capital, Lashkar Gah, causing casualties among civilians, staff of the New Kabul Bank ...

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Afghanistan: Over 20 killed in car bombing in Helmand


Kabul: Over 20 people were “martyred” and 55 more were injured today after a suicide bomber detonated his car against the provincial branch of the New Kabul Bank in Lashkargah, capital city of Helmand province. Omar Zwak, spokesman for the governor told Afghanistan Times over 20 people have been “martyred” and 55 others “mostly civilians” were injured in the bombing ...

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Pakistan affecting Afghanistan stability: Pentagon


WASHINGTON: The Pentagon on Tuesday said Pakistan was ‘the most influential’ external actor affecting Afghan stability and the military alliance’s mission. “Pakistan views the outcome of Afghanistan to be in its vital national interest and thus remains driven by its India-centric regional policy objectives,” the Pentagon said in its six monthly report to the Congress. It said the Afghan-oriented militant groups, including the ...

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Afghan govt says won’t allow Pakistan to fence the Durand Line

Durand line

The people and the governments of Afghanistan had never accepted the Durand Line as an international border since it was drawn in 1893: Afghanistan KABUL: The Afghan government on Wednesday said it would not allow Pakistan to fence the Durand Line and would hold talks on the issue soon with Islamabad. In a video clip sent to Pajhwok Afghan News, the deputy presidential ...

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Refurbishment of 53 Blackhawks for the Afghan troops has commenced: Pentagon


KABUL: The United States Department of Defense has said the refurbishment work of 53 UH-60 or Blackhawk helicopters for the Afghan security forces has commenced. According to a new Pentagon report on Afghanistan “Under the ANDSF Road Map, the SMW will also expand to provide additional helicopter crews, consolidate the PC-12 aircraft into a new fixed-wing kandak, and create an ...

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