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Young Pashtuns have shown the mirror to ‘mainstream’ Pakistan

PashtunLongMarch 1

The taboo subject of missing persons is back in the national conversations. Muzzling information and punishing those who reported on it has not worked. This past fortnight Pakistan witnessed unprecedented mobilisation by the youth of tribal areas. Thousands protested seeking justice for Naqeebullah Mehsud brutally killed in a fake encounter by Karachi police — all in the name of counter ...

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د اروپا په زړه بروکسل کي د افغانانو لاريون

brussells protest1

په پلازمينه کابل او نورو ښارونو کي دو وروستيوتروريستي بريدونو په وړاندي په اروپا کي دميشتو افغانانو د احتجاجيه مظاهرې پرېکړه ليک لکه څنګه چي ټول نړۍ وال خبر دي د پاکستان د خوا روزل سوو ټروريسټانو په دا ورستيو اونيو کي په کابل او د افغانستان په يو شمېر نورو ولايتونو کي ډير وحشيانه او زړه بوږنونکي ټروريسټي بريدونه ...

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Hundreds rally against Pakistan in Mazar-i-Sharif


MAZAR-I-SHARIF: Hundreds of people on Sunday staged a protest demonstration against Pakistan and termed Pashtuns living on both sides of the Durand Line as same Afghans. The protestors chanted “we want peace, all Pashtuns are Afghans, we are not terrorists”. They asked the international community to pay attention to the rights of people across the Durand Line and urged an end to the current ...

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د افغانستان او پاکستان خبرې بې نتیجې پای ته ورسېدې


واشنګټن ډي سي —  د افغانستان او پاکستان ترمنځ د تاوتریخوالي د کمولو لپاره دوه ورځنۍ خبرې د شنبې یا خالي په ورځ له څرګندو نتیجو پرته پای ته ورسېدې. دغه خبرې د دواړو هېوادونو ترمنځ په اسلام اباد کې د سولې او یوالي تر سرلیک لاندې پیل شوې وې. ددغو خبرو لومړنی پړاو د فیبرورۍ په دریمه نېټه په ...

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وزیراعظم پاکستان عباسي ولې په ژړا شو؟

Manzoor Pashteen1

د پښتون احتجاجي لاریون مشر منظور پښتون وايي د پاکستان وزیراعظم شاهد خاقان عباسي ته یې اوویل چې په پښتنو د ظلمونو کولو نه لاس په سر کیدلو په خاطر درته په پښو پریوزمه، منظور پښتون وايي د وزیراعظم ته ووې: زه ستاسو په پښو پرې اوزمه چې زما د پښتنو خویندو میندو نه ژوند مه وړئ ښاغلي پښتون وي ...

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د بلوچستان پښتنې سیمې دې هم په خیبر پښتونخوا کې شاملې کړل شي


پراګ ـ د عوامي نیشنل ګوند مشر اسفندیارولي خان وايي د قبایلي سیمو په شان دې د بلوچستان پښتون مېشتې سیمې هم د خیبر پښتونخوا صوبې برخه وګرځول شي نوموړي دغه څرګندونې د خالي په ورځ د پېښور په نشترهال کې د ملګرو وکیلانو غونډې ته د وینا پرمهال وکړې زه خو ویمه چې د بلوچستان پښتون مېشتې سیمې دې ...

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Pakistan: Human rights icon Asma Jahangir passes away


Leading human rights lawyer Asma Jahangir passes away in Lahore ISLAMABAD: Renowned lawyer and human rights activist Asma Jahangir passed away in Lahore on Sunday due to a cardiac arrest. Jahangir, 66, was a human rights lawyer based in Pakistan and was Pakistan’s first woman to serve as the President of Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan. Family sources have confirmed that ...

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Pashtun protest

PashtunLongMarch 1

More than a week of peaceful protest by thousands of Pashtun activists ( mostly from Waziristan and FATA) in front of Islamabad Press Club may or may not succeed in forcing the government to accept their reasonable demands but it has definitely redefined Pashtun political discourse in Pakistan. The contradiction between ever growing socio political awareness brought by urbanisation and the utter political disempowerment is the ...

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#PashtunLongMarch – A peaceful resistance


It has been a week that thousands of Pashtuns man, women, youth have gathered outside the press club in Islamabad highlighting human rights violations against their community. The march began with demand ‘justice for Naqibullah’ A young Pashtun shopkeeper killed in a fake police encounter on January 13 in the financial heart of Pakistan, Karachi and claimed that he was ...

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I fully support the historical #PashtunLongMarch in Pakistan, says Afghan President


KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Friday announced his support to the peaceful anti-terrorism and anti-extremism movement in Pakistan. On his social media account, the president wrote: “The civic movement aimed to build united front against extremism is historic and based on the principles of Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan’s philosophy of non-violence.” I fully support the historical #PashtunLongMarch in Pakistan. The ...

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