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Naqeeb Mehsud “Apna Veer”

Naqeeb Mehsud

You were born on the land of those coward people who despite knowing the enemy cannot raise their fingers at them. I too cannot point my finger at them, for I am too a coward man. I too want to live; I have family members and relatives and they too want to live. I can condemn your extra-judicial killing. To ...

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Mehsud Jirga condemns hike in IED blasts in South Waziristan

Mehsuds jirga

SOUTH WAZIRISTAN: Mehsud tribal elders condemned a steady hike in landmine blasts in the tribal region, the other day. So far 55 landmine blasts have taken place as a result 18 people were killed and 76 sustained injuries. The jirga held in Tank political compounded passed a resolution wherein they called on the government to deploy a bomb disposable squad ...

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Afghans award ‘Medal of Bravery’ to President Trump over his stance against Pakistan


KABUL: A community gathering in Afghanistan’s Logar Province has awarded U.S. President Donald Trump a “bravery” medal, thanking him for his tough stance against Pakistan. Said Farhad Akbari, a community leader in the province, told RFE/RL’s Radio Free Afghanistan on January 14 that more than 300 people at an informal “jirga,” or council, of concerned citizens agreed to award the ...

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د امریکه حضور په افغانستان کې باید د سولې راوستو لپاره وي نه د کړکېچ د زیاتوالي لپاره: حامد کرزي

Karzai 01

د افغانستان پخوانی جمهور رئیس حامد کرزی چی د اروپایي او امنیتی پالیسي لپاره د اتریش انستیتیوت په بلنه دغه هېواد ته سفر کړئ و په ویانا دیپلوماتیک اکاډمۍ کې د وینا پر مهال وویل: د امریکا متحده ایالات باید د افغانستان مشروعه بنسټونو، قانون، رسوم او عنعناتو او په خاصه توګه لویې جرګې ته چې د افغانستان د خلکو ...

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US presence in Afghanistan should be for peace not chaos, says Karzai

Karzai 01

AUSTRIA: Former president Hamid Karzai has said the US presence in Afghanistan should be for ensuring peace and stability not for further deteriorating the situation and fueling war. Karzai in his address at the European Institute for Security Studies in Switzerl said the US should respect the Afghan values, customs, laws, institutions such as the Loya Jirga. A statement from ...

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Courting disaster

Afrasiab Khan Khattak

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while commenting on the current political impasse in the country in a recent speech mentioned the crises of 1971 in the then East Pakistan ( now Bangladesh) when disrespect for the aspirations of people expressed through vote had led to the disintegration of Pakistan. His detractors labeled this analogy to be far fetched one and ...

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Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra’s next is on the Battle of Saragarhi

Saragarhi Hindi Movie

The film is based on the battle between the British Indian Army and Pashtun Orakzai tribesmen in then called NWFP. It’s a clash of the titans as Akshay Kumar gears up for his latest project. The Padman actor revealed the first look of Kesari, in which he’s seen looking fierce in a uniform and turban. And we also know that the actor opposite ...

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The Pashtun Times is a small effort by very clear headed individuals projecting the Pashtuns’ issues

Amjid Ayaz Khan

The Pashtun Times is a small effort by very clear headed individuals projecting the Pashtuns’ issues Interview with the Editor-in-Chief of the Pashtun Times Asst. Prof. Amjid Ayaz Khan. THE PASHTUN TIMES 

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Opinion: The unnamed heroes, the forgotten widows, orphans of Maruf, Arghasan districts

Pashtana Durrani

Palwasha, the only daughter of Barani orphaned as a kid and married recently. Now she is a widow mother of two, who are now orphaned too. A tank entered the fortress that was recently turned into check post. The Qala (fortress) was attacked by the tank’s main gun, few seconds later a suicide bomber came in, a huge blast took ...

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Karzai praises US pressures on Pakistan, awaits for practical measures

Hamid Karzai sb04

KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai praised the US authorities’ recent pressuring statements against Pakistan, but said he would be happier when Washington takes practical steps. Karzai who is in an official visit in Austria, told reporters in a Vienna-based diplomatic center that he repeatedly informed the US two former leaders (Bush and Obama) as well as other US officials about ...

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