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2 kidnapped Pakistani diplomats recovered


KABUL: Afghan security forces have recovered two Pakistani diplomats who were kidnapped on the Jalalabad-Torkham highway in eastern Nangarhar province last month, Pakistan’s Foreign Office said on Wednesday. “The two diplomatic officials of the Consulate General of Pakistan in Jalalabad, who were abducted while travelling from Jalalabad to Torkham on June 16, 2017, have been safely recovered today in Afghanistan,” the Foreign Office ...

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Pakistan’s double game benefits none


By Ezzatullah Mehrdad-From the very beginning of the global war on terror since 2000, Pakistan, a militarized country, has used to play a double game in volatile region which undermine peace and stability of Middle East, Central Asia and Southern Asian countries. The Pakistan’s game doesn’t even benefit Pakistani people, nor does it benefit other countries, including Afghanistan. Every intelligence ...

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Pashto folk singer Zarsanga warns Pakistan, will leave for Afghanistan if justice not provided

Zarsanga bibi02

KABUL: A well-known Pashtun singer in Pakistan who is internationally famous for her unique still and voice of singing has scolded Pakistan she would leave for Kabul if authorities fail in bringing the culprits into the court of justice. The Pashtu folk music queen and her two sons sustained deep injuries after being attacked by unknown men in Nowshera district ...

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Will oppose any US strategy causing the increase of Afghan war: Karzai

karzai (1)

KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai, said he would oppose any US strategy causing the increase of war and having the “message of war” in his country. In an interview with the Voice of America’s Radio Ashna, the former president said that he would “stand” against the increase of the US military in Afghanistan. “To bring peace in Afghanistan, we need ...

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Hamid Karzai condemns the terrorist attack in Lahore, calls on Pak to cut support to extremism

Hamid Karzai sb04

KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai was saddened for learning about a terrorist attack that killed and injured civilians in Pakistan’s city of Lahore. “Karzai called the attack against all humanism and Islamic principles, asking Pakistan government to stop supporting and cooperating with terrorism and extremism so that the region, particularly Afghanistan and Pakistan be safe from this inauspicious circle,” Karzai’s ...

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حامد کرزي د پاکستان په لاهور ښار کې تروریستي برید غندلې دې

Hamid Karzai sb04

د افغانستان پخواني جمهور رئیس حامد کرزي د پاکستان په لاهور ښار کې تروریستي برید او د ملکي وګړ پر مرګ ژوبله خپله ژوره خواشینۍ څرګنده کړه. حامد کرزی دغه شان بریدونه د ټولو بشري موازینو او اسلامي احکامو خلاف عمل بولي او یو ځل بیا د پاکستان پر حکومت ږغ کوي چې د تروریزم او افراطیت پالنه او له ...

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The US longest war in Afghanistan has to be ended logically


EDITORIAL: What we need to put a complete end to the ongoing war in Afghanistan—does military measure will put end, or we still need to constant on reconciliation process. Sixteen years have passed from the longest war in the history of America however, it seems to take many more years. During this period, no major breakthrough took place, rather security ...

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Diwal Sara Khabaray by Shaheen Buneri (soft copy)

dewal sara khabaray

Please click on the link below Diwal-Sara-Khabaray

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Afghan Ministry of Interior rejects Taliban claim of seizing Paktia district – Janikhel


AFGHANISTAN: Taliban on Tuesday claimed capturing the Janikhel district of southeastern Paktia province, but the Ministry of Interior (MOI) rejected the assertion as baseless. Fierce firefights have been ongoing for two days in the district, where the militants claimed capturing some security check-posts late on Monday. In a statement, the MoI denied the fall of Janikhel, saying heavy clashes were still ongoing ...

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President Ghani meets first group of departing hajj pilgrims

ghani hajj

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani has met the first group of hajj pilgrims before departing for Saudi Arabia to perform the annual pilgrimage, the Presidential Palace said on Monday. A statement from the Presidential Palace to Pajhwok Afghan News said the president met the pilgrims at the Kabul International Airport on Sunday night before the pilgrims were to leave for Saudi Arabia. The ...

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