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شیندي ګل مشاعره او شمالی وزیرستان کښې فکري بدلونونه/ ګوهر وزیر


شیندي ګل مشاعره او شمالی وزیرستان کښې فکري بدلونونه. ګوهر وزیر د کډوالۍ د ژوند نه وړاندې هم پۀ شمالی وزیرستان کښې ما ډېرې مشاعرې لیدلې دي ، چې د هغې  اهداف د لمر غوندې هر چاته معلوم وو. او هر شاعر به د کوشش کولو چې زۀ پۀ مشاعره کښې دغسې نظم لا غزل او وایم چې وسله وال ...

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Ambushing democracy

Afrasiab Khan Khattak

The brazen manipulations, corruption and intervention by intelligence agencies in the recent Senate elections has exposed the hollowed and farcical nature of the current “ republic “ which doesn’t qualify anymore to  be called even a  mere facade of democracy. On the one hand the creeping coup going on for the last few years has now culminated into a  blatant ...

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Pakistan’s security establishment all out to undermine rightful Pashtuns’ rights movement

Bannu Protst

Crooked tribal chiefs of Mamandkhel tribe to hold “solidarity rally tomorrow Friday to undermine Pashtun Protection Movement BANNU: Soon after the Pashtun Protection Movement organized a protest demonstration in Bannu against the FIRs registered against the movement’s active members just for voicing their concerns against state terrorism and seeking constitutional rights, the tribal chiefs (Malakaan) of Mamandkhel tribe vowed they ...

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له پښتنو سره د پاکستاني ریاست د ظلم داستان ملګرو ملتونو ته ورسېد

Fazal Rehman Afridi

له پښتنو سره د پاکستاني ریاست د ظلم داستان ملګرو ملتونو ته ورسېد په جنېوا کې د ملګرو ملتونو د بشري حقونو شورا ته د پښتنو په استازیتوب فضل الرحمن اپریدي ویلي، د پاکستان ریاست نړۍ ته پښتانه ترهګر ښودلي او نړۍ هم له تاییده پرته پرې باور کړی دی. د شورو- چارشنبې په ورځ په جنېوا کې د شورا ...

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نوې سوړ جنګ     —– اعجازخټک د لاچئ

نوې سوړ جنګ     —– اعجازخټک د لاچئ نن ضرورت د دې خبرې دې چې عالمی امن ته کومه خطره راپیښه ده چې په نتیجه کښې واړه اؤ لوئې ملکونه یو بل سره مخامخ دی،اؤ ځائې په ځائې علاقائی اؤ واړه واړه ګوندونه په دې شخړه کښې داسې ککړ دی چې دا څرنګه کیدې شی چې یوخواه د روس اؤ چین ...

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Pashtun Long March: Opinion


After years of suppression and victimization, the long suffering Pashtuns—second largest ethnic population in Pakistan have finally found a voice and move against state sponsored terrorism and oppression. In January, thousands of ethnic Pashtuns from Tribal Region (FATA), accompanied by Pashtuns from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan marched toward Islamabad, after the killing of Naqib Mahsud, an inspiring model from South ...

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Pashtun students’ protest outside PU VC office continues for fifth day

PU Students

LAHORE: The Pashtun, Baloch and Seraiki students’ sit-in outside the Punjab University’s VC Office continued for the fifth day on Sunday. The students are protesting against the university administration’s action over a clash between the councils and the Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) on the campus that happened in January. Twelve students were injured when IJT members and Pashtun students clashed ...

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ANP will work for KP-Fata merger, says Asfandyar Wali Khan

ANP Swat

MINGORA: Awami National Party (ANP) president Asfandyar Wali Khan said on Sunday that if his party came to power it would work for the merger of Fata (Federally Admi­nistered Tribal Areas) with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Addressing a public meeting of his party at Grassy Ground in Swat, he claimed that the people of tribal areas wanted Fata’a merger with KP. ANP’s ...

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پښتون تحفظ غورځنګ پر حکومت د غوښتنو پوره کولو غږ کړی

Manzoor Pashteen

د پښتون تحفظ غورځنګ مشر منظور پښتین ویلي چې حکومت ته ورکړې یوه میاشت پوره شوې ده او د غوښتنو نه پوره کېدو په صورت کې د نوي احتجاجي پرلت تیاری کوي. دا خبره نوموړي د یکشنبې یا اتوار پر ماښام د کوټې په صادق شهید میدان کې جلسې ته وینا وکړه. پښتین وویل، د همدې تیاریو په موخه په ...

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Khawaja Asif target of ink attack at PML-N convention

Khawaja Asif target of ink attack at PML-N convention

Foreign minister Khawaja Asif had ink thrown at him during a PML-N workers’ convention in Sialkot on Saturday. The veteran politician was addressing his party workers when an unidentified man doused him with black ink from behind. Following the incident, enraged PML-N workers roughed up the ink-thrower before handing him over to the police. Asif, however, pardoned the attacker instantly ...

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