Afghanistan’s foreign ill-wishers in isolation: Ashraf Ghani

ashraf-ghaniKABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said the foreign ill-wishers of Afghanistan are in isolation as he reaffirmed the government’s stance to turn the country into the graveyard of the terrorists, ruling out the softer stance the government had earlier to resolve the issue through negotiations.

In his speech during a gathering to observe the Martyrs’ Week, President Ghani said the terrorists are facing defeat in the battle ground and their supporters are in a state of isolation.

President Ghani further added that the ongoing violence in Afghanistan is not an internal conflict but has roots to regional and international conflict.

He said the international community has admitted the stance of Afghanistan as the Afghan nation is fighting for their rights while facing an illegitimate force of terror.

Reiterating government’s commitments to support the families of the fallen soldiers, President Ghani said the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are standing against the terrorists with the same spirit they had against the Soviet forces, insisting that the Afghan nation and government will continue to remember their sacrifices.

In other parts of his speech, President Ghani said Afghanistan continues to emerge as a regional player in terms of economic growth and emphasized that the country is no more dependent to a single port.

He said Afghanistan will no more be threatened by port blockage and the country will soon emerge as a connective bridge in the region. -KP


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  1. Reza Khan Yousufzai

    While President Ghani is at it,ie the destruction of Terrorist ,I hope he will face the Northern warlords also as there is no difference in Taleb Terrorist who seek destruction of the Afghan nation and territory and these ones in Balkh and Kabul who are hell bent on destroying the hard gains that the Afghans have made via the ballot and constitution and their collective will. Starting with those who rampaged in Kabul and killing innocent students is a good start.It seems his anger is only reserved for Talebs.Also those americans who killed the POW of the ANDF should be heavily censured. Americans shild be heavily criticized for not making any effort in procuring fighter jets for Afghanistan. They are ever ready to supply the Punjabis ,arch supporters of Daesh,ISIS and Talebs but are dally dillying when it comes to Afghanistan forces.Ata is virtually running and independent state withn a state. Wake up Mr Ghani and show some backbone.

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