Afghanistan appoints second woman as district governor

Afghan-female-district-chiefKABUL: The Afghan government has appointed another woman as the district administrative governor amid ongoing efforts to increase the role of the women in the governance, politics, and other social affairs.

The Government Media and Information Center (CMIC) informed regarding the appointment of the second female district governor on Wednesday.

According to GMIC, Dortaj Aimaq has been appointed as the district administrative chief of Charbagh district of northern Faryab province.

Faryab is among the relatively volatile provinces in northern parts o the country.

In the meantime, GMIC said Ms. Aimaq has previously served as a member of the provincial council, holding Bachelors degree in law.

She has also served as an activists and a school teacher in northern Faryab province, GMIC added.

This comes as President Ashraf Ghani vowed to increase the role of the women in the government institutions with the formation of the government of national unity.

Numerous women have been appointed in different sectors, including ministries and other high level government institutions, although some of them have been dismissed during the parliamentary confidence voting.

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  1. Reza Khan Yousufzai

    This is indeed a praiseworthy appointment as she is an educated and competent lady.However the sad part for Afghanistan is none of this empowerment and education of women is happening in the Pashtun dominated provinces .Women hardly go to school there and very few ever reach university or professional level.In Paktia the only female doctor no more practices medicine. Pashtun society need to wake up or they will be left behind centurie if they dont encourage the education of their competent and talented daughters and grant them spaces to work and serve their society and communities. Of course it does not have to be threatening to the Pashtun male centred culture ,but as sensible people Pashtun must create openings in education,health care, civil society,governement, caregiving entrepreneurship and other areas for their womenfolk to work in safety and security. This must be done in respect of Islam and Pashtunwali .

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