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12049557_409700285892837_1583000585301766947_nThe Pashtun Times is an online newspaper focusing on the issues of Pashtun society, politics and culture, while also keep informing the Pashtuns about the international world and politics. The policy of the newspaper is based on Pax humana. The Pashtun Times promotes human dignity, reason, science and thought, freedom and freedom of expression, democracy and human rights, tolerance and nonviolence, peace and harmony – all beyond narratives. The Pashtun Times aims to familiarize the Pashtuns with the world affairs and inform the world community with politics, society and culture of the Pashtun people. The Pashtun Times promotes uncensored and free education irrespective of race, creed and color. It considers itself the part of Malala’s Mission for education and admires the social reforms of Bacha Khan. The Pashtun Times discourages gender discrimination and promotes egalitarianism across the world.



  1. Congratulations and wish you success

  2. Respected Amjad Sab!

    Hope to be fine, I warmly congratulate you on this success and may Allah grant you countless success in your whole life, thanks in advance.

    Yasir Jamal

  3. I’m glad you like what I and my dear friends are doing to bring our people at par with the thinking of the modern world.

    We have many more miles of struggle and hard work to cover and support of friends like yourself gives us hope that our objectives are not far to achieve.

    Thank-you so very much!

    Amjed Ghaznavi

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