16th December should be More than Enough for the Son of a Man

LogoKashmir and Afghanistan both have proved to be colossal policy failure for Pakistani deep state policy makers who pivoted every Martial Law legitimacy logic for hoodwinking Pakistani public by trumpeting up the Kashmir issue. Zia went a step further and embroiled the nation in a myth of the rise of Islam from Afghanistan and North Western Pakistan. They all had their joyrides to the limit but the outcome of decades of policy fraud led Pakistan to 16th December. A day which should be remembered not only as the anti climax of Karbala but also as the day of denouncing the lies and bundles of Pakistani dictators and their collaborators within the military and the civilian superstructures of the state.

 On this day all cowardice should be exposed and denounced whether committed in the name of a Jihad for destroying the state and people of Afghanistan out liberating Kashmir. This day should be considered the culmination of all intrusions into the state by non state actors and subordinate state entities. This day should bring a new dawn of understanding to all policy makers who have played havoc with the lives of millions of Pakistanis, Afghans and Kashmiris. It’s a fact that no inquiries can be conducted to uncover the colossal fraud that was run for decades, however it is suffices to mention that if the criminals have gone away with it, the state can’t and there is no gainsaying that states are quite fallible and the punishment will be meted out soon enough if the lessons in Afghanistan and Kashmir aren’t learnt well.


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  1. Prof.(Dr) Khurshid Alam

    Dear Sir;
    Kashmir issue has been used and abused by Pakistani rulers in the name of Islam. In fact they have nothing else to tempt the Kasmiries or for that matter all Pakistanies except to use religion. They are least interested in the self determination of Kashmiries since we the cirtizens of Pakistan don’t have that power or authority to determine our present and future.
    Kashmiries have realised the fraud and the latest statement by Pakistani occupied Kashmir regarding Gilgit Baltistan staus is self explainatory.
    Remind me a joke of Ayub khan days. A pakistani and Indian dogs met at wagha border. The indian told Pakistani dog, ” don’t be fool to go to India there is severe drought”. The Pakistani dog replied I am not going there for food but since Pakistan creation i haven’t barked. I am just going for barking. Can we bark here?

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